Q & A with Plamen Momchev

Meet Plamen Momchev, an epic music ethusiasist and also a video editor. You can view his works on his YouTube channel! He allowed me to interview him, so please read on to find out more!

1) How did you get into epic music?

The first Actual trailer song I ever heard was Lacrimosa by Immediate music.It was used in a
300 video.That same video had other songs like:fahrenheit and Ultimatum.I watched that video before 4-5 years.Since then started to search for those songs and in the process i found more and more
cues from all kind of other companies.

2) What inspires you to create your amazing videos on YouTube?

At first when I started I was inspired by other editors on YT.I watched those videos
over and over again.I was amazed by the synchronization of the footage and the music.Some of the editors that I was influenced by were: daneimp,Third Age Films,umbrella12 and the retired Gameovais.Now I mostly get inspiration of the music I listen.It stimulates my imagination and when iget the free time to edit I transform those pictures in mu head into real videos.

3) What do you think about epic music’s future?

It’s a bright one.Popularity is growing.More and more albums are getting available 
to the public to buy.One thing is sure-epic music is just starting to develop and it will gain more and more listeners all a cross the world.

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