Q & A with Music Supervisor Christine Pappa

– What led you to enter into the field of music supervision?
I am originally a composer myself, and this has been my passion for many years. I have studied Composition, Piano and Music Technology. I have also recorded an album and participated in several other projects.
Music Supervision is something that combines all these skills, but most of all it gave me another perspective as a composer and I love that. I aimed to familiarize myself a variety of different music styles. It allowed me to become much more adaptable with other composers, directors, producers.
Since I was a kid, I used to be getting involved with any music related stuff in theatrical plays at school, such as playing the piano, supervise / decide  whether a music piece is suitable for a play or project, and every single time got to be the one to do this. Every single day I get to listen to tons of new tracks and meet new musicians from all around the world. This is something I am really grateful for.
– I see that you have a decent pool of musical influences to draw upon, such as jazz, contemporary and classical. Can you explain how this factors into your production of music?
Well, I am a classical trained composer and pianist. This is home. My base lets say ! Jazz is something else. A brand new world with no limits. I got into the jazz as a vocalist and I fell in love with it. I didn’t study jazz composition that much, but I met wonderful and talented people, which helped open doors for me. I learned how to write and arrange jazz music which now makes it natural thinking in both classical and jazz.
– What do you like most about the classical music genre?
 It is where I feel extremely comfortable to compose and arrange. I have also studied opera so I literally enjoy every single aspect of classical music up to Contemporary. I guess that is the reason I turned to Film Composing as I see it to be the evolution of music in general.
– Have you done any music collaborations recently?
I have just started working for an up and coming production company and I am really excited about it. It is an amazing team and I can’t wait for our official launch so I can tell you more about it.   I am preparing my next  jazz/swing album to be released in early 2019.
I recently collaborated with a British director on an independent horror film which I did the score for. It is to be released in March. I also composed for a beautiful Piano Collection (according to ABRSM guidelines) that will be released from Musica Ferrum Editions. It is original piano pieces for 8 grade levels
– What are you most excited for in the future of your musical career?
Well, I came in London late 2016 and I plan on staying here for the next 3 years. Wonderful things happening here, I have plenty of upcoming projects and a Master degree I want to complete. I am thinking that L.A. would be my next stop. This is my dream.

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