Q & A with John DelVento



“A fresh new voice in the fast-moving music world of the 21st century.”
“A formidable force in today’s competitive music market.”


Those were the glowing words from a professional  licensing company used to describe composer John Delvento. Studying classical music at a very young age, DelVento went on to take his training to the prestigious Hartt School of Music in Connecticut as a double music major.  It is through his training in classical music and study of the euphonium, a relatively unknown brass instrument, that John’s passion for music was born.

You can read more about the background on the Bio page of his official site, but below is a brief interview with him.

How did you get into professional composition?

Man I’ve been doing music for sooo long now its hard to really track my development.  I actually have 2 conservatory degrees and a lifetime of classical training so I’ve always had the raw tools to get into this kind of music, but a couple years ago I chose to try my hand at being a Hip-Hop and EDM producer (not doing any of my training any justice), which had been working great for me up until about a year ago.  At that point I decided that scoring was my calling.  I had the skills, the equipment, the connections, and the ability … but it was a matter of just DOING IT!  After I got signed to a couple of trailer houses, publishers, and licensing companies I was able to solidify myself as a full-time composer.  It has been quite the journey to say the least!!  Finding my target niche’ has always been hard for me since my background and musical output is so varied.


What’s your favorite track that you’ve done so far?

Wow that’s a tough one.  Since I produce so many different kinds of music I feel that I could split my fan base by answering this question incorrectly!!  I would have to say my recent “Fantasy Suite” has really been my favorite track to write.  I found it as a great combination of sound design, cinematic effects, tight orchestral writing, and urban synths.  And making Lord Voldemort sound like a woman was just too much fun.


Any upcoming projects?

Yes!!  I have soooo much work to do this summer, and it is all incredibly varied.  I am currently scoring the follow-up to the viral Netflix documentary “Fagbug” as well as writing music for TV every week through my licensing companies.  I am balancing this all with my work on 2 upcoming horror features “The Campground” and “Lucifer’s Angels”.  I am also ghostwriting on an upcoming major video game release but I can’t talk too much about that. 😉


What do you enjoy most in composing?

I like the process of composing the best.  For me, I enjoy hearing the product of what comes out of my brain.  You know …. In all humility, I love listening to my own creations!  Watching the journey from something I’m whistling to an all out orchestral cue fascinates me to this day.  It’s the process man….it’s just so surreal.  When I compose I really just get into that zen state … and I’m just addicted to the feeling.

When I was producing Hip-Hop and EDM the beat was always hitting me so hard that I never had a chance to just sit down and enjoy the process.  As a composer I can really enjoy this luxury a lot more.


Additional comments?

Well I am a bit of an entrepreneur so I find myself balancing all of these projects with a social media presence as well as my own online stores, which is VERY difficult.  Keeping my following engaged requires me to regularly post music and keep all of my social media outlets up to date, which I really try to focus on.  Some people may criticize it but remember, it is social NETWORKING, which is how I try to use them.

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