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Trying to find trailer music on iTunes can be a real chore. Often, albums are listed by composer and not company, making the task of finding new albums difficult. Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the work! All of the albums listed should be available on iTunes and on Amazon in digital mp3 format, with many also on Spotify. When attempting to find an album, type in the name as listed below, and you should find what you’re looking for! Because of space limitations, we can’t list entire catalogs such as West One Music (nearly 300 albums!) so we’ve listed the best and most epic ones, with notes to let you know that there is more out there. Happy listening!

5 Alarm Music (from Source in Sync, More Albums Available)

Action Impact Trailers

Choral Trailers

Drama Series: Big Drums & Orchestra

Orchestral Film & Trailers

Orchestral Film & Trailers 2

War & Conflict


8 Dawn (Full Catalog Available)



Fallen Angels

The Dawn




Anti-Hero Vol. 1

Anti-Hero Vol. 3


Ars Arcana

The Savage Tongue


Audio Network (Full Catalog Available at

Blockbuster Drama

Blockbuster Movie Trailers 2

Blockbuster Movie Trailers 3

Cinematic Drama

Cinematic Drama 2

Orchestral Rock







Brand X Music

The Best of Brand X Music


Brickwall Audio

Epic Trailer Impact

Cataclysm Vol. 1 – Heroes

Catacylsm Vol. 2 – Power

Dark Energy [Single]

Opus Nova [Single]

Rex Infernos


Cavendish Music (Full Catalog Availible)

Action Trailers

Action/Thriller 1

Action/Thriller 2

Action/Thriller 3

Action/Thriller 4

Choose Your Weapon: Action

Choose Your Weapon: Fantasy

Death Metal Trailers

Drummers of God – Percussion Trailers

Drums of Thunder

Epic Choral Trailers

Heroic Trailers

Rock Hybrid Trailers

Moviedrome: Dramatic Themes

Moviedrome 3


City of the Fallen


Prince of Darkness


Corner Stone Cues (Full Catalog Availible)

Air Lyndhurst

El Morro

Eton Path

Requiem For A Tower


Damage Vault

Damage Vault Vol. 1

Damage Vault Vol. 2

Damage Vault Vol. 3


E.S. Posthumus

Arise [single]


Christmas Eve [single]


MLB Tonight Theme [single]

Posthumus Zone [single]

Unstoppable [single]



Epic Score

Distorted Vol. 1

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 1

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 2

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 3

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 4

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 5

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 6

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 7

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 8

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 9

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 10

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 11

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 12

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 13

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 14

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 15

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 16

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 17

Epic Action & Adventure Vol.18

Epic Drama Vol. 1

Pounding Percussion Shorts Vol. 1

Pounding Percussion Shorts Vol. 2


Epic Soul Factory

Epic Soul Factory Vol. 1 (Free on

Epic Soul Factory Vol. 2

Epic Soul Factory Xpansion Edition (Free on

*Epic Soul Factory 3 (forthcoming)


Fired Earth Music

FEM001 -Vulcano

FEM002 Cyanite

FEM003 Fantazium

FEM004 Bellitas

FEM005 Sounddesign

FEM006 Man of Steel (Remix)

FEM007 Ultimatum

FEM008 Spirited

FEM009 Immortality

FEM0010 Olympians

FEM0011 Nailed

FEM0012 Dark Urban Epics

FEM0013 Bad Boy Trailer

FEM0014 Heroes






FEM0020 – Legends of Time

 Francesco De Leonardis (Centurion Rage Records)

Epic Drama Trailer/Teaser

Epic Drama Trailer/Teaser 2

Epic Drama Trailer/Teaser 3


The Golden Age


Future World Music

Reign of Vengeance

A Hero Will Rise



Break From This World

Epicon (U.S. and U.K. versions are separate recordings – US lacks “Crusaders of Light”)

Epic Live!


Immediate Music


Trailerhead: Saga

Trailerhead: Triumph


Jeremiah Pena

Planetary Ending: Fractured Equinox


John Beal

Coming Soon! : The John Beal Trailer Project


Kerry Muzzey

Bernini’s Angels: The LXD Mix [Single]


Found [Single]

Music for the Body in the Bathtub

Palladio Rebuilt EP

Trailer Music

Trailer Music 2


Novem Music

Ancient Kingdoms (Free for download)

Bushido (Free for download)

Fons Vitae

Novus Initium (with Daniel Yount)


Larry Groupe



Liquid Cinema (Entire Catalog Available)

Cinematic Apocalypse

Cinematic Action & Adventure

Cinematic Action Thriller

Cinematic Contemporary Action

Cinematic Drumming

Cinematic Emotions & Drama

Cinematic Family Adventure

Cinematic Hip-Hop

Cinematic Themes & Inspirations


Megatrax (Marketed as Hollywood Trailer Music Orchestra)

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Blockbusters

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Drama/Suspense

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Epic Combat/War

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Epic Saga

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Fantasy/Adventure

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Global Intrigue

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Sci-Fi/Horror

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Superheroes

Ultimate Trailer Music Collection: Action/Thriller


Music For Video (Larger Selection Available – Search for “MFVGroup”)

Cinematic Adventures




Music Junkies

Good Idea


Nature Shock Music (Available from

Trailer Beast Vol. 1


Picture Perfect Music (Entire Catalog Available)

Burn This City

Destructive Drums

Destructive Drums 2

Gothic Impact: Voices of the Apocalypse

Orchestral Dimensions

Orchestral Textures

Orchestral Textures 2

Zero Hour: Hybrid Tension & Drama


Position Music (Entire Catalog Available)


Orchestral Series Vol. 1: Action/Adventure/Suspense

Orchestral Series Vol. 2: Action/Adventure/Suspense

Orchestral Series Vol. 3: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Orchestral Series Vol. 4: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Orchestral Series Vol. 5: Christmas- Coming Soon

Orchestral Series Vol. 6: Vendetta

Orchestral Series Vol. 7: Wonderstruck

Orchestral Series Vol. 8: Rise Above

Orchestral Series Vol. 9: Elysium

Orchestral Series Vol. 10

Orchestral Series Vol. 11

Trailer: Action/Drama

Trailer: Hybrid Action


Scorched Score

Colossal Choirs

Epic Thriller Hybrids

Invincible Inspiration



Critical Mass Vol. 1: Armageddon

Critical Mass Vol. 2: Apocalypse



Sonic Tremor:

Darklight: Epic Symphonic Rock Symphonies

Fire & Ice

Sonton (Marketed as “Coming Attractions”)

Trailer Tracks: Action Blockbuster Films

Trailer Tracks: Dramatic Films

Trailer Tracks: Epic Saga Films

Trailer Tracks: Fantasy Films



Soundscore Vol. 1

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 1


Sound Adventures

A Celestial Odyssey

Cinema Tech

Cinematic Identity

Epic Trailers

Mystical Phenomena



Final Horizon


The Scoring House

Cinematic Adventures


Symphonic Fantasia

The World in a Voice


Thomas Adam Habuda

The Freak Inside


Thomas J. Bergersen


Sun [Coming Soon]


Two Steps From Hell




Wayne Dineley

Trailer Style Trax

Trailer Style Trax 2


West One Music (Entire Catalog Available – Look for APM Music on Album Cover)

Action Adventure

Action Adventure Trailers

Action Adventure Trailers 2

Big Screen

Epic Action Trailers

Epic Journeys

Family Fantasy

Fantasy Adventure

Haunted Fairytales

Hero Unleashed Trailers

Heroic Action Trailers

Homecoming Heroes

Hybrid Action Trailers

Legacy of Darkness Trailers

Power Action Trailers

Power Percussion Trailers

Sound Design Trailers

This is Trailer Vol. 1

Tribal Percussion Trailers

White Light Trailers


Zack Hemsey

Empty Room

Mind Heist EP

The Way

Finding Home

Home Of A People