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posthouse tuomi

Artist biography

Posthouse Tuomi is a music production company that specialise in the creation of music for films
and games. They are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to use music for their project and can
adapt their sound to suit the clients taste switching between such genres as rock, pop, electronic
and folk with ease. From small You Tube videos to major film projects, Posthouse Tuomi is in the
scope of most creative types.

Ten Faces of Emotional struggle album review

The album opens with a thumping track that has a familiar orchestral sound but with a metal
beat which gives it an exciting edge over other epic music artists. The next track, Despair carries
on with the electronic sound and is similar to the kind of music found in films such as the recent
Transformers movies.

An industrial beat pounds at the heart of the album which gives the whole thing a dark feel.
Addiction starts out somewhat slower than the proceeding tracks but after a minute it delivers a kick
in the ears, a good kick that flows with adrenaline. Regression tones down the hard electronics in
favour of a choir and film style orchestra. Hurt, the final track of the album is a grand finale and an
appropriate end to what is an exceptional collection of music.

Overall opinion

There are a lot of film scores on the market and it’s nice to say that Posthouse Tuomi is capable of
creating music that is on par with some of the greats in the industry. Their music is powerful and
exciting with a driving sound that perfectly captures the feel of the cinema. Film projects, both large
and small would benefit greatly from their epic style of music.

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