PostHaste Music – Golden Era (Mark Petrie – Epic Dramatic Uplifting Inspirational)

She stands in the middle of battlefield. Ready, as always, to engage to battle beside her men. The same men who would give their lives for her safety and the honor of their lost Kingdom. A Kingdom that is now under the posession of her uncle. A madman and a tyrant ! A traitorous murderer whose only concern is how to gain power over her father’s Kingdom and people.

She tried desperately to banish the images of her dying father from her mind and turn to her men that needed her. She could see some of her most devoted ones, lying dead in a pool of blood ! Anger evolved into outrage. As she turned her head towards the castle, she could see the two massive statues that guarded the gates ! Marble statues, executed by professional sculptors many…many years ago ! Back when her ancestors ruled this Kingdom, with dignity, pride, honor and justice. Long lost values that had to be gained by her and her men.

Seeing her men fighting with tremendous courage and the clang of arms gave her strength ! A strength to face her uncle and gain what was brutally stolen from her. She rushed into battle like a roaring lion, urging her men to follow her. She ruled the Kingdom for 52 years. Her reign was soon to be known as the Golden Era !


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