Position Music – Forging A New Light

He takes his hammer and starts forging with all his being ! He sweats as the flames of blazing iron are burning his face. But he doesn’t mind. It’s as if he is blessed by god Hephaestus himself !

He forges again and again untill he brings “his child” to life !
Iron and steel become one and sparks of fire are rising up as two metals clash, making a deafening noise ! Every sword…every armor, helmet or blade are made to prepare for an adventure.

His work is finally done. Looking upon his creations he murmurs: “Who will their master be ? I wonder…..Ηow much blood will be split upon this sword’s blade ? Will it be for a good cause or have I just created a killing weapon for another greedy King ? Will my shining armor protect a courageous Knight ? Will my dagger prevent an innocent girl from getting raped ? Oh I wonder… I’ve been a blacksmith all my life ! I mean no harm by forging weapons…I swear ! On the contrary….Think of me as an old man who believes that by forging weapons he is forging the course of history ! Victory upon the tyrants, strength to the ones who cannot face their enemy in the eye…. Τhink of me as the one who is Forging A New Light” !

Image: http://imgur.com/a/qDQtc#191

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