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Artist Biography
When music beats at the heart of a dedicated composer, it is a sure sign that you’re in for something special….

 Philippe Rey is one such composer. His background as a live performer has put him in good stead for his venture into the world of film composition. He has created music for TV, film trailers, shorts films and video games. His influences are many including Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams.

Mythomelodeicon album review
The Epic music genre is blessed with another example of how things should be done with the latest release from Philippe Rey, Mythomelodeicon. The title of the album may be a mouthful but it is matched by the depth and intensity of the tracks therein. Rey has taken a different approach to many of the other Epic composers out there by inserting more mystery and intrigue into the tunes. The opening track, Heart of Darkness, is the perfect way to start this album. For the first minute or so it is rather calm with a rhythmic drum beat that is reminiscent of the famous Terminator tune. The track drives forward once the orchestra and the choir kicks in to full effect, offering up thoughts of drama and suspense. Dark Angel, the next track continues with the suspenseful sound but this time there is the noticeable inclusion of an acoustic guitar. This really does add some depth to the track, giving it a unique flavor. A tragic element is clearly evident in this tune, but there is also passion thanks to the way it builds up. An electronic vibe accompanies the choir and orchestra sounds on Seeking Redemption. It is a blend of styles that work well and is similar to the kind of music created by Hans Zimmer.
Stand out tracks
Mythomelodeicon features more than a handful of notable tunes and one that probably edges out on top is Through Darkest Night, beautiful song that features dream like vocals from Zefora, a female artist who adds an ethereal quality to the sound of the track. The vocals work beautifully alongside the orchestra and the overall tone could be described as Lord of the Rings meets Clannad. For a relaxing tune that also has a strong sense of adventure about it, Through Darkest Night can’t be beat. Wings of War comes a close second though. Placing songs in order of greatness, on this album, is a hard task as each one oozes quality.
Overall opinion
There is no doubt about it, Mythomelodeicon is the perfect album for fans of such composers as Hans Zimmer and for those who enjoy a good Epic sounding tune. Every track offers something special, a unique yet familiar sound to capture the heart and soul. This album is wholeheartedly recommended. Give it a try and be whisked to another world. 

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