Pfeifer Frankfort Music Group

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Pfeifer music was founded by Jeff Pfeifer and Evan Frankfort, two experts in the art of music composition. The company creates music for the purpose of film advertising and their music has featured on such trailers as the amazing Spiderman and men in black 3.

The music of Pfeifer Music Group

Pfeifer Music Group have created a diverse range of tracks and are adept at changing their style to suit the needs of the client. Amerigo is a fast paced track with a lot of noise, especially near the end. Thankfully, the noise is good and the track plays beautifully, starting as more of a traditional piece which sounds kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean. It develops over the two and a half minutes run time into a frantic affair, a piece of music that is a blessing to the ears. It doesn’t end there as they have put together many great tracks.

Call to action is a great track but unlike the previous piece of music it features a greater use of electronics. This gives the track an industrial sound similar to the kind of music created by Hans Zimmer. Fuzeball develops the sound to a new level with more of an epic sound under its belt.

Stand out tracks

Pfeifer Music Group have composed some awesome tracks to excite and enliven the senses. Aim for the sun invokes a feeling of dread. It may not have the same epic level of drama as many of their other tracks but it does have suspense by the bucket load. A revolt solution mixes electronics, guitars and drums to create a unique sound that is somewhere between blues and rock. It starts out quite laid back but picks up the pace about half way through.

Overall opinion

As far as the epic music sound goes, Pfeifer music group has all bases covered. They are quite unique but are familiar enough to draw in the casual film music lover. As far as the quality of their sound goes, they are at the top their game and can only get better.

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