Petteri Sainio Interview with TMV!

Meet Petteri Sainio. He is from Finland and currently resides in Germany. He was more than willing to participate in a brief Q&A with Trailer Music Vibe. You can also follow him on YouTube, SoundCloud & his official site.

Sainio’s tracks can also be heard on his BandCamp page.

Before you do though,

TrailerMusicVibe: How did you get into music composition?

Petteri:  I’ve been doing music since I was 5 years old when I started
playing guitar, so music has more or less always been a part of my life, and soon orchestral music that I heard in movies started fascinating me more and more, so about one year ago I made the decision to start composing myself by using the knowledge I had from playing instruments, and soon I felt that this type of music was something I can express myself with better than with words, so you could basically say it has become an important part of my character.

TrailerMusicVibe: Where did you find your inspiration?
Petteri: I get most of my musical inspiration from big movie scores such as in “Blood Diamond”, “Avatar”, or “Inception”, but what really inspires me to keep on doing music in itself is the longing to express myself by composing music that often seems to reflect my experiences and feelings, so new inspiration comes from anything that influences me as person.

TrailerMusicVibe: What are your plans for the future?
Petteri: My plan for the future regarding this music is to work professionally as full time composer for trailer music companies or something similar and my biggest dream is to become a film composer for great movies.

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