Epica Audiomachine Interpretation!

This isn’t a typical review, but rather a story. If you look at the track names carefully, you may notice that there is a thread or theme; in a sense, the title tells a story! Of course, there isn’t a set story for each album, many times what one person may think of when listening to one song is different from the next person. In any case, we tend to think in pictures, whether reading, listening or otherwise. So, here is an interpretation of the latest release by the major production house Audiomachine, namely Epica.

Prologue & Birth

There was a singing-but not that of regular nature. Heavenly angelic praises were heard in the distance & they seemed to be getting closer; it built to a crescendo. But of what?
                The father & mother were in a small dark-lit room. She realized the imminence of what was about to happen. Contractions began, the father reached out & caressed the wife’s head. Sure enough, there it was – a new child, ruddy in appearance. The choir accompaniment increased as ecstasy filled the father’s heart. The mother, once tired from pushing to give birth, had tears of joy run down her cheeks. Joyous, the father lifts the child into the air and parades it for all in the village to see. A round of prolonged applause broke forth, for on this day marked the beginning of a new age.
Fire and Honor
He was brought before the tribunal by his accusers. Accused of the worst possible crime, the prosecutors urged to have the man undergo the ultimate test- that of fire. The masses chant for this to be done. After much deliberation, the decision was made for the man to participate.
He approached the ring of fire. The heat radiated towards him. The chanting of the crowd grew louder with each passing moment. Finally, with a deep breath, he closed his eyes, took a few steps backwards & crouched, like a snake ready to strike from a place of concealment. He ran towards the obstacle, let out a mighty cry & leapt into the air. Everyone held their breath from what seemed like an eternity. Then he landed on the other side, unsinged by the flames. He opened his eyes and looked back at the tribunal.
They all nodded in agreement; he had successfully passed the test that of bravery, conviction, and yes, ‘fire & honor’.
Nameless Heroes
They were all around, but yet not in plain sight. Yet when danger strikes, they’re the first ones to respond. No honorable mention is given to them, but they still perform their helpful deeds. They don’t possess any super-human abilities, nor advanced weaponary. No, but they persevere in the tasks, for they know that without their acts, the world would cease to exist.
The mountain loomed before him. He felt small in its shadow. With nothing to lose, he began the arduous climb. The beam from the cold winter sun shone down upon his face. As he continued his journey, a certain sensation came over him, one in which he felt that he had run into a brick wall. The oxygen level was running low at this level. Most would not survive at this point.
Yet, at that particular moment, a surge of energy entered into him. His body radiated with a luminescent glow & he forged onward toward the white mountaintop. With each step, he felt stronger & had greater willpower until he finally reached the summit. With that , he decisively plunged his stake into the white snow & looked into the distance, with confidence anew.
Young Blood
The feeling was different – like that of being a new individual. It seemed only yesterday that he was a small child in his parents’ arms. How quickly time had passed! Now, a young adult, he began his trek into the real world outside. Many of his elders taunted him saying that he wouldn’t succeed on his own. He confidently walked into the public view.
Many years later, he became the richest man in the world. All wondered in amazement, in how he managed to accomplish so much in a brief span of time. Then, in a twist of irony, one of his former taunters gave him a pat on the back & said in his ear, “Congratualations, young blood.”
Knights and Lords
They were stirring in the mist. The marching grew louder; in the castle their portraits lined the walls. The knights in shining armor, with the shield bearing the infamous signa. Then entered in the most grandest of them all. Adorned in rich silk gown and wearing the most precious jewels of the earth, all bowed before them.
Four knights surrounded the mighty lords, two of which sat on their respective thrones. The cry was made: “ALL HAIL YOUR NEW RULERS!”
The New Earth
In the starry universe, through all the raw material floating in space, there were was a planet suspended. Whisps of cloud bands straddled its waist, along with emerald-green waters. Below on the land, green pastures extended for countless miles. One could look up and see two suns burning in the sky. Strange new life thrived on this planet.
One thing was noticeably different – the state of the inhabitants. They were all at peace & everyone shared all of what they had. The spirit of true happiness pervaded the atmosphere. In fact, they all unitedly joined their voices in song, praising their new home – the New Earth.
Flames of War
There was a scent – which originated with burnt timbers. Tensions were high. All it had taken was one spark, and once ignited, the fire that followed grew immensly
Everything had seemed so surreal. The songs of spring rang thru the air. She called out to the bear. The ground rumbled as the darkform raced towards her. She ran after it and jumped on its back. It had a saddle that had the colors of the brown earth, green pastures, & the blue hue of the skies. Her dark hair fluttered in the wind.
She wrapped her petite hands around his neck and held on tight. The village was in sight, she urged the bear to. Her father stopped what he was doing & looked and saw her. Finally, the bear arrived at the destination. The girl skid down the creature and embraced her father. He picked her up and carried her in his arms. He also called out to the bear who followed. All three made their way home.
His mind felt suspended upon nothing. He had just undergone one of the most intense experiences possible. The feeling that came over him felt godlike. The power of the sun imbued him to move forward. As he got dressed, he looked in the mirror and noticed fire radiating from his hair. Instantly, he began to panic. And his eyes, glowed with iridescence. He looked at his hands and noticed the blue trails that followed them wherever he moved them to and fro.
It was almost as if he had been endowed with superhuman abilities. It felt awesome; with that he crabbed his car keys and went outside. Then, he decided to snap his fingers. Instantly, he noticed he was at work.
They resided in two different regions, diametrically opposed. Their cultures and customs differed greatly. The leaders of the respective groups gave rousing speeches to their followers, urging them to maintain the seperateness that persisted for generations. Once, a dispute arose regarding who had the right to control the trade routers. Finally, after much quarreling, they assembled their forces to do battle.
A standoff ensued; and then they charged at one another & thus began the battle between two warring ‘tribes’.
Eternal Flame
It burned brightly – as the orange-yellow colors flickered out of the torch. The runner crouched down & with the sound of the gun, he sprinted and grabbed hold of the torch. The cheer of the crowd motivated him to continue the race. Sure enough, the finish line loomed in front of him. The cheers grew louder. With that, he mustered up whatever strength he had left in his body and leaped.
He heard the sound of applause; he looked up into the sky and saw in front of him the golden trophy glistening in the sun. A smile crossed his face. 

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