Network Music Ensemble – Big Beat Orchestra

Artist Biography

For dramatic and inspirational music, Network Music is up there with the likes of Two Steps from Hell and Epic Score. The studio is made up of some of the most talented individuals in the field of Epic music, most notably ‘Mark Petrie’ who composed Go Time, one of the tracks from their latest offering, Big Beat Orchestra.

   Big Beat Orchestra review

The album opens with a driving tune that has plenty of heart and a big orchestral sound. The Heart  of a Champion delivers on a filmic since it is similar in style to the kind of music composed by such industry greats as Hans Zimmer and John Murphy.

It not only resembles music from film but it touched the world of games as it was used to promote the League of Legends Championship series, a popular multiplayer games tournament. Tie Breaker is another powerful piece of epic music which manages to stir the soul and make the blood course through the veins. It’s sort of an extension of the first track but it still deserves a place on the album. The third track, When it Matters Most, changes the pace a little. It features a slower beat with a thumping bass line.

The adrenaline continues to pump with the next track, titled, Can’t Give Up. Basically the title says
it all. The music continues to please with the likes of Go Time and Staging a Comeback. Defending
Champions features the use of voices, bursting through the orchestra in quick bursts of excellence.
This track has a slightly cheeky feel to it with a sense of drama added in for good measure. Born a
Champion adds another layer to the proceedings with a hint of Hip – Hop.

Overall Opinion

As with any successful composer, there has to be an element of originality at the heart of the music
to set it apart from the rivals in the crowd. To be a genius in a certain field is one thing but being
different and a genius is another. Network Music has come up trumps with Big Beat Orchestra. It is
not only exciting and uplifting but it has an element of quirk too. Big Beat Orchestra is most certainly
Epic music with a heart.

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