My Thoughts

As we come to the close of 2017, I was reflecting a bit on the state of epic music. Some of us may have been there from the beginning, when this music was starting to make its way into the public sector on the Interweb. We’ve had the opportunity to be a part of this journey.

The evidence behind shows us what can be done when there is a collective effort to promote this music from all over the world. Numerous public releases, more noteworthy events and so on.

No need to rehash all of that right?

I’m sure you’ve been hearing recently about the increasing investments into bitcoin. Notice this quote from an article:

 Bitcoin was for the community, maintained by the community and was the community.

Community was a key word. It was a word that was paramount to the success of Bitcoin. Without it, we wouldn’t see the staggering numbers we see today. This push ever onward by the community is why Bitcoin was able to get its footing and build the foundation it vitally needed to survive and prosper.”

Interesting right? Did you notice the word that appeared the most in that exercpt? Community. It was mentioned that it was the community that played the key role in the promotion of bitcoin. Even though there wasn’t so much craze about it in the beginning, it eventually took off.

Can you guess where I am going with this?

Just as how the community helped to power the bitcoin phenomena in the past several years, surely it is the community for epic music that has but will also continue to play an integral role in the continued future growth of epic music.

It’s incredible to be a part of all this and the future promises to be exciting!

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