Must Save Jane: Music for Motion Picture Advertising

dfk  Sounds like a line you would hear in a movie or TV presentation right? Actually, it turns    out that it’s in reality the name of a new trailer music imprint from the creators of Altitude MusicMust Save Jane is a UK music label that gears its energy towards the US market and also has bases in London and Los Angeles.

With over 20 years of experience and an array of talent in their ranks, this music label is definitely worth a look into. Their artwork was inspired by publishing houses such as L’Illustration Musicale and Musical Touch Sound of the ’60s and ’70s.

   They have four albums in their repertoire so far: Epic Orchestral Hybrid, Epic Action Drums, Fantasy Adventure, and Cinematic Drones.  If you need that epic listening experience, you must listen to the epic orchestral hybrid release. Some cues that I loved were Universe Last Day, Edge of Time, and Digital Decimation.

Several prominent composers from other libraries have made their mark on this album. A name that you may instantly recognize are Paul Bjorling who does an awesome on Ten Rings.

What’s interesting here is that even before the official launch of this music library, Must Save Jane was already busy at work with companies like Dreamworks, Activision, Sony and Sky Movies. Altitude Music itself began its journey in 2010 and now has yet another fantastic addition to their media arsenal.

Super stop downs, big back ends, epic orchestras, hits, pulses, bass, risers, stabs..trailer cues to save you.

You can also find Must Save Jane on Twitter and SoundCloud.dd


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