Music Junkies

Music Junkies are a well established production company which has been around since 1992. They are one of the first companies to produce music for the purpose of film advertising and have crafted hard hitting tunes for over 4000 trailers since their debut. They have created music for video game advertising too including such high profile games as Battlefield 3: Gulf of Omen Jet Fun Run and The Siege 2.

Torque album review
Torque is a collection of some of the best tracks created by Music Junkies. Judging from the first track, Sword of Damocles, this album seems to offer something a bit different from the usual epic music crafting out there. Immediately, there is a strong electronic presence and this musical style continues throughout the album. The second track, Invictus, adds to the electronic beats with a powerful orchestra which helps to create quite a unique sound. Some of the tracks have a similar sound to music created by such artists as Hans Zimmer but with more of an electronic vibe.

The album is quite dark in places but this isn’t a bad thing since the tunes can be rather catchy at the same time. It’s a strange mix but it works, besides, if the album was complete doom and gloom it wouldn’t have much appeal. It is so much more than that. The album changes pace with a few of the tracks that have a more techno sound. Chrome, for instance, features a faster pace compared with the first half of the album and the same goes for Thundercats. There are higher octane tracks to enjoy with the likes of Impetus and Hardboiled. The latter track seems to have a slight Hip Hop influence.

Stand out tracks
Hardboiled is one of the most interesting tracks on the album and this is partly because of the Hip Hop style sound which accompanies the electronic element. Shell Shocked is another exciting track and it exemplifies the kind of dark music that dominates this album.

Overall opinion
The world of motion picture advertising has a new contender as this album shows another twist to the epic music genre. It is a highly inventive album with strong electro and Hip Hop influences. It’s nice to hear something a bit different that still features all the hallmarks of the excellent epic music scene.

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