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Miro (1)  Miro Kepinski is a  film composer, producer, contemporary guitarist and sitar player  born in Mlawa, Poland.Graduating from a Classical Music school in Mlawa, Poland as Musician Instrumentalist (Classical Guitar), Miro then expanded his musical knowledge by enrolling at the Jazz faculty of the Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland.

He is currently a member of Meyatra (http://meyatra.bandcamp.com/) and Coldstate (http://soundcloud.com/coldstate) projects. The interview is after the jump below.

His Selected film works include:

TMV: How did you get into music composition?
Kepinski: When I went to Primary Music School, while I was learning how to play classical

guitar I was really interested in composing music. I was trying to compose simple melodies

making some arrangements. I was going more deeply in that very exciting thing… Then I

was making transcriptions of Chopin’s works, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for guitar duo.

Always, I liked to play all of these pieces in my own way which led me into improvisation

and Academy of Jazz Music where I spent a few years of learning how to ‘compose music

in real time’. I was growing up when music trackers (computer software) were very popular

and that gave me ability to make my music. That was such a great time. I was able to make

music on several channels, using different, sampled instruments. I could try different

arrangements very quickly. Since film music have been mostly composed for the orchestra

it’s natural way for me to call attention to it. I was Steven Spielberg fan thus, John Williams

fan as well. Still, I have tape cassettes with his scores to Star Wars and Jurassic Park. I got

a few sheet music books with film themes as well. I’ve been playing in several bands were

I’ve been the main composer, so those every pieces of my life approached me to

composing the music.

TMV: What are your inspirations for composing?

Kepinski: I think the most inspirational is life itself. Composing depends on the actual mood

you’re in or environmental conditions. If you got snow outside your window it’s a natural

process to compose ‘cold’ music which reflects it. And again, would you compose such the

same music standing on extremely hot Sahara Dunes or looking down from Nepali

mountains? So, the brain is very cool recorder and projector at the same time. It stimulates

and inspires you. It is actual the greatest tool for every artist.
TMV: What was the most challenging aspect of writing and producing these various cues?

Kepinski: Always, I’ve been trying to compose differently from what’s done before. I know

it sounds common but you have to be different to be discovered and to push the music

forward. There’s just one Bach, Mozart, Kilar or Hollywood Aces – Williams or Zimmer.

Copying the other artists’ music is very good form of learning though. Bach learnt his artistry

while copying (like the xero) other composers’ works for his students. So, by that, he was

studying the music composition, arrangement etc. The other challenging aspect of producing

orchestral music on computer is reaching natural, real orchestral feel by articulation,

dynamics and all of that important elements.
TMV: Where do you see trailer music going?
Kepinski: That’s very big market for that now and definitely trailer music is going to be more massive

(can it be more? J ) and huge. I think it would be more diverse and more spacious. From

time to time we will hear noticeable release which will set a new direction of trailer music or

at least its other path.
It comes along with general music trends. It’s full of electronica now.
TMV: What has been the most enjoyable aspect of composing?
Kepinski: Composing is just like creating. You can create new world, just everything you

can imagine: big Roman Empire, planets from outer space, bats looking like humans J. And

this is just yours, you can create it, emotionally touch it and eventually hear it! From nothing

to big orchestra, from silence to noise. This is real and fun. You can double it while

composing for the picture, adding all of that ‘missing’ components.

TMV: Do you have any upcoming projects?
Kepinski: I’m preparing my tracks to be recorded by real orchestra. It’s going to be great

thing. Hopefully I could share that experience with TMV readers. I got a few projects to

finish by now as well, cues for films and my other music projects. I’m always building up

and expanding my music library.

TMV: Any additional comments?

Kepinski: Many thanks for this interview. I really appreciate that. You are doing great job with Trailer Music Vibe.

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