Mikolt Gyuricza of Media Music Factory Interview

Mikolt Gyuricza

Meet the vocalist who helped with Thomas Adam Habuda’s first release “The Freak Inside” here! You can also follow her on Facebook.

TrailerMusicVibe:How did you become a vocalist?
 My Grandmother was an opera singer, that’s why music was always part of my life.I started to learn music as a child in a special music-school, where I learned to play the guitar and to sing. At the age of 15 I started to compose songs. After high school I attended Shakespeare Academy (musical school) in Budapest.

 TrailerMusicVibe:How did you discover Media Music Factory?

Gyuricza: I met Tom in High School. He asked me to sing in a song that he composed for a non-profit german ad. This was 10+ years ago. Since then I’m his exclusive (Tom: favourite and only) vocalist and, as he recalls it, his muse too.  It is fantastic to work together. The ideas just burst out as melodies, he captures them and enjails them into wonderful songs.
A few years ago Tom decided to launch his first homepage. One of his best friends (who also made the page) suggested that he should rather use words that are easier to find in Google instead of being cool and creative, that’s how “Media Music Factory” was born. In time it just grew on us though.

TrailerMusicVibe:The Freak Inside was the first public album released through Thomas Adam-Habuda. How did it feel to work with him as he crafted this album?

Gyuricza: ‘The Freak Inside’ is a compilation of 10-12 years’ of work. There are songs that were composed back in 2000 – like Anima Doloris.
For the launch of the album we did a new, slightly more complex and epic version of it. Other songs were started as crazy improvisations on ‘rainy afternoons’ like KuruKuruKuru or Lacrimosa. Tom usually lets me go crazy in his studio which makes our collaboration even more fun, we laugh a lot, I can dance, even scream if I feel to, and I am able to improvise and add new ideas to his core tunes when it comes to vocals. We are best friends with Tom since childhood. We know each other’s family, we spend vacation together, we read the same books, and know each other’s thoughts without words. Working together is like expressing our feelings through music. It comes naturally and with lots of fun. The Freak Inside is our common dream that came true.

TrailerMusicVibe: Are there any upcoming projects that you’re working on?
Gyuricza: We always work simultaneously on many projects. Nowdays I often provide vocals for HON spotlights, we are also working on some “secret pieces” that are similar in style to ‘Anima Doloris’ and Tom is helping me to orchestrate my first musical called “I love fish” for which I compose the music, write the lyrics and the script.
Besides we are getting offers for different projects due to the popularity of ‘The Freak Inside’ and the HoN Spotlights.

TrailerMusicVibe: Do you have any comments for your fans?
Gyuricza: It is difficult to describe the (amazing) feeling of seeing the result of our hard work being recognised by so many people!
I would like to thank all of our listeners for their support and the positive feedback they are constantly giving us.
I promise we will work really hard for them, and we both hope people will have as much fun listening to our music in the future as we are having during creating it. At last but not at least Thank you Leighton for your support and for making this interview possible.

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