Mihail Doman | Composer

Mihail Doman is a composer from Bucharest, Romania. He writes neoclassical music, fusing orchestral and electronic elements inspired by Olafur Arnalds and Hans Zimmer. His First album, Arhythmology is a musical story of rebirth and new beginnings.

According to the website:

They’re released in apparent random order but at the end they all fit together as part of a puzzle. Arhythmology is a word that pays homage to something old and essential. It has long been thought that western music originated in the time of Pythagoras – the ancient mathematician. Traditionally, he is thought to have invented – or better said discovered – the ratios between the musical intervals. And for the people of those ancient times, Arhythmology was the name of the sacred science which included music, mathematics, physics, chemistry and the astronomy that we know today.

Very interesting indeed! If you want to find out more, please visit his official site.

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