Mervin Mathew – Composer

Born in a Town named Ahmednagar on 21st Nov 1984, about 170 miles from Mumbai, Mervin Mathew Pillai knew right from the first day his memory came into existence that he was addicted. Addicted to a rare form of element – Music. Being fascinated by playing  simple tunes on a baby piano taught by his dad, he had stepped into the world of tunes and rhythms. Fascination turned into a passion and he began his first piano classes at the age of 13 at a summer camp on his Melodica with his first official teacher, Amit Patole.

Soon, he enrolled himself with a private tutor for Piano lessons. His new teacher, Joseph Satralkar introduced him to the Western Classical form of Music.  Preparing for his grades in music, his first milestone was the day when he mastered the famous Fur Elise by Beethoven. By now, his passion for music had rocketed beyond all spaces of limitations and boundaries. He ventured into the different realms of Music. Learning. Listening. Integrating. Joseph, reading the passion swelling inside his student, advised him to learn the technicality of Music too. The process of Music. The process of Sound. The process of Sound Design and Mixing.

The next leap was into learning Sound Design and Mixing at Digital Academy, Mumbai. Here, he drowned himself into learning all that he could. Another spark of fascination struck when experts like Mr. Daman Sood, Mr. Vijay Benegal and Mr. Mujeeb Dadarkar began lessons on Sound Designing, recording, mixing and mastering it in the whole new digital world of sound. With this degree and an unfathomable passion, he started out creating Jingles, Ads, Music Albums, Gospel tracks, Audio books. The work was no doubt what he always wanted to do, but the thought of what he wanted to be kept lingering on. It was not a full stop here for him. He wanted to do more. Be more. Something newer. Something different.
At this point of his life, he saw an opening for a Sound Engineer at one of the biggest Animation houses in India, Reliance Big Animation.  Working on animated TV series like Little Krishna, Big bees, Shaktimaan, his mixing and mastering techniques grew faster than he knew. The Post Production head, Mr.Varaprasad J V soon discovered his composing skills. When given with the opportunity of composing the Trailer and Title track for the Animated series Shaktimaan, his work not only mesmerized the surprised Production Head, but was also globally appreciated by other Music composers and companies. And thus began his journey into composing sound tracks and Mixing. He was strongly inclined towards genre comprising elements like  Ambient, Orchestral , Epic, Rock, Dub step, Electronic and Indian classical. Music library production houses was his dream. He started building towards this dream with a small home studio and his inventory listed an Axiom 61, Mac i5, Avid Sound card, M-Audio monitors, Logic pro and a limited set of sampled instruments. These limitations did not limit his wild and wide imagination and space for creation. Experiments, insomniac nights and pushing himself beyond limits saw the dawn of his most hybrid, bold composition – Take your stand against.

The work behind the creation in his own words:
” It all started one night as I was experimenting with hybrid elements and designing tones. I have always composed music tracks but the hunger for trying something newer and more never left me. Hans Zimmer’s Crysis 2 and the OSTs from Transformers – Dark of the moon had recently caught my fascination. I started out firstly by deciding the tempo and the chord progression with the melody. I just knew from stage one what my final outcome would be. Keeping in mind a product that would define trailer cues with a lot of epical elements. Once the melody line was in place, drums and percussions were introduced. I wanted the drums to have a distorted approach. Strings was added to form the backbone of the melody line. The atmosphere was building up as intended. Experimenting has always been my way of working. The next stage had to be something newer. A crazier leap. This is where I tried using Dub Step elements. And it pleasantly surprised me. The track sounded ‘almost’ epic. Now was the final test. The last stage. Creating the climax. I knew what I wanted it to sound like. Full. Highest. Bolder and Mightier. This was the moment to make it ‘truly’ EPIC. The final element was integrating the Choir and Choir Phrases. That’s when the feeling of an Orchestral fullness seeped in. My track turned out to be more than what I wanted it to be.”

His work is being appreciated by everyone who hears it. And there are more to come soon. Working effortlessly hard to create more innovative compositions, he would no doubt get his work recognised by Music Production Library Houses and Sampled Instruments Library Companies across the globe. 

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