Megatrax Production Music

Megatrax Production Music is a leading independent music source in the production music industry. For over twenty years, their music has been featured in literally thousands of television shows, commercials, promos and trailers, plus an ever-growing number of feature films and multimedia projects.

Megatrax is dedicated to creating, licensing and delivering the finest quality production and custom music and best customer service in the industry. Megatrax also boasts eleven well-stocked music catalogs (itself included) in the library. These are AMusicom, Beat Bites, InterVox Production Music, L.A. Riot, Marquee Music, Megasonics, The Scene, Sensación, Sound Adventures & Tonal Injection.

One has to merely look at the music under the trailer music label to see how how vast the collection of production music that is owned by Megatrax. As far as music goes for film trailers, they are certainly not lacking in this regard.

A standout release that jumped out at me immediately was Rock Hybrid Trailers 2. A great track to listen to is Birth of Darkness. It features an awesome combination of dark, powerful rock & orchestra. The choir breaks in nicely around the 1:22 point.

More recently, Megatrax has produced Apocalypse I & Apocalypse II. These albums both feature epic, foreboding, and ominous tracks. While the first is more of sound design nature and orchestra, its successor features live orchestra that conveys the epic struggle between good and evil.

Final Confrantation is a good cue which gets the adrenaline pumping. It is the colossal, epic orchestral drama, accompanied by pounding percussion & choir.

All in all, if you’re looking to further satisfy your insatiable appetite for more trailer music, you will find that Megatrax delivers an epic and delectable dish.

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