Meet Wayne Dineley!

Wayne Dineley is a music composer who is the owner of a music library known as Trailer Style Trax. His speciality is music and film music. TMV asked Mr. Dineley a few questions about his role in epic music and his latest ventures! Read on!

TrailerMusicVibe: How did you become enamored with epic music?

Dineley: As a child I was brought up on the music of Queen, which I always felt was very visionary, and by the time I got into my teens I was listening to soundtracks by John Carpenter. I walked into a record shop in Liverpool over 15 years ago and I was drawn to the cover of an album soundtrack called ‘Darkman’ which was composed by Danny Elfman, I loved the music and eventually bought most of Elfman’s soundtracks which I studied in depth. I loved his style and still do, he is my favourite composer. I then sought out other composers such as John Williams, Bernnard Herrmann and Hans Zimmer. I always enjoyed the music for trailers, but I didn’t really know who was composing the music for them until around 18 months ago, which is when I first heard ‘Two Steps from Hell’ and I have loved trailer music ever since. I got the opportunity to compose music for Gothic Storm in early 2011, which was my first time composing trailer music. I am really very new to trailer music, but I love it!

 TMV: What are your plans for the future regarding trailer music?

Dineley: Recently, I have been composing music for ‘Twisted Juke Box’, who are great to work for. Over the past few weeks I have been composing music for ‘Corner Stone Cues’ who have been great and have helped me to improve my skills as a composer. I hope to continue composing music for them in the future, as well as continuing to hone my own skills as a composer and composing trailer music. My ambition is to compose music for films.

TMV: Do you have any comments for your fans?
3. Thanks for your support and I hope you will continue to enjoy my future compositions.

TMV: What are your thoughts on the future of epic trailer music?
4. From what I can see, the traditional trailer music sound is continuing to change and move in different directions, as technology advances. Composers are working with more hybrid styles but the music style is still very epic and powerful, as it should be.

Many thanks to this great composer! Follow him on Facebook and official site!

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