Krzysztof Wencel Interview!


There’s another music composer among us, and he’s closer than you think.
I did a one-on-one interview with Krzysotof Wencel. He comes to us from Poland, and is just 17 years old! He attended music school for over six years and it was one of the reasons that he started composing himself.

 What follows is  a brief interview that TrailerMusicVibe did with him.
TMV: How did you become enamored with epic music?
    I have heard a masterpiece by X-Ray Dog called “Here Comes The King”. What is funny, I haven’t heard it in the “Chronicles of Narnia” trailer but a great time later on YouTube. It was just a case, I was only looking for music of one of my favorite composers all time – Hans Zimmer. Then my epic journey with trailer music began.
I was falling in love with trailer music more and more, it was so epic, beautiful and powerful. Listening to that music you can feel emotions that you normally can’t. I can also tell the I used to hate electronic/techno/trance genres. However, I discovered them once again, thanks to the composers who can mix symphonic orchestra with modern genres that sounds just incredibly great! I think that trailer music is a kind of music that is developing and progressing very fast. I don’t like classical music much (with a few exceptions) but trailer music or generally epic music is definitely in my taste.
TMV: What are your plans for the future regarding trailer music?
I don’t think I will be a trailer music composer in the future, but I can’t be 100% sure what will happen. Now I’m focused on composing really emotional and beautiful, sad music. I also play musical improvisations on piano. Besides trailer music, I also listen to movie and game soundtracks which are not only full of epic themes but also reflective and sad themes. I would like this style of  music to express  my inner feelings. I think music is nothing without the soul which part of was bound to the music piece. Trailer music is a genre that I really appreciate and like but I don’t think about it as far as my career is concerned. Not now. But I can say that I want to release an album, however I have to compose and work hard. I know few amateur composers who publish their album(s) but they are not prepared for it in my opinion. I know that the willingness of being famous and recognized is hard to get rid of. Although, I want to practice, find my own sound, compose things that are just deep, emotional and beautiful. Then I will publish my work. I hope you will like it.
TMV: Do you have any comments for your fans?
Hi, if you are reading this interview, I want to thank you very much for your support, your nice and uplifting comments and advices about my music. The greatest reward for me is that you appreciate my pieces. Sometimes during the composing process (creating a theme in my mind for instance) I sometimes think what people would say about that. Is it good? Would they like it or not? And I must say, that is the worst thing composer could think about. My advice to any young composer like myself: Don’t think about others and trends in music. It is still changing. Don’t try to make your pieces sound like modern movie scores or an epic track that you’ve  just listened to on YouTube. Let music express yourself and be proud of what you’ve done. Despite what people are saying. Remember that many classical composers were recognized after they died. Just don’t try to follow trends and make music that YOU like. Now few words to the non-composing fans: You guys are awesome! Thank you for every word, it doesn’t matter if it was a criticism or a praise. I’m still finding my own sound if you know what I mean. Stay tuned for more music from me. If you are interested, you can stay in touch with me on SoundCloud  and Facebook
TMV: What are your thoughts on the future of epic trailer music?
It will evolve of course. It will be more futuristic (more electronic) and contain many modern influences (maybe dubstep or trance). It’s really hard to say in which direction trailer music will progress. But I’m sure that there will be public releases. Every day more people are enamored with epic music & so trailer music companies will need to satisfy them. Now it’s not really well-known but I predict trailer music will have a brilliant future. People will be bored with music they used to listen and will need something powerful and epic to make them feel good. Thank you for the interview. It was a great pleasure to talk with you. Good luck with Trailer Music Vibe. I hope that it will have a great number of readers.
Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Wencel for his time with TMV! We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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