Meet Immediate Music

Yoav Green(left) and Jeffrey Fayman

Ever wonder who are the forces behind the music for trailers for mega box office hits such as Avatar, Iron Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, the Spiderman films, & Pirates of the Carribbean?  Enter ‘Immediate Music’. There are many companies today that produce trailer music, but did you know that Immediate Music was founded in 1993? That’s about 19 years in the buisness! The founders of this company are Jeffrey Fayman & Yoav Green. The company operates out of Santa Monica, California. This makes perfect sense as this is located right in the thick of Hollywood, as that is where major companies produce films every year.

Originally, ‘Immediate Music‘ composed scores exclusively for movie trailers but in 2008, they opened their doors to the video game and advertising industry.  At the time, most of the albums that Immediate Music produced were for clients only (that is film producers and liasons). However, as it seemed with most other companies in the mid-2000’s, particularly in 2005, the growing fan base of listeners, or as they are sometimes referred to as trailer music junkies, were clamoring and making increasing fervor for public releases of these works. Eventually, the production libraries listened and Immediate Music was at the forefront of that.

The first public release ever was called Trailerhead which hit the market in 2008. This album was composed of new mixes from previous songs that were on production albums. You can find the track list below:

    Prometheus Rising
    An Epic Age – Based on “Epicon”
    Lacrimosa Dominae – Based on “Lacrimosa” and “Preliator”
    Serenata Immortale – Based on “Serenata” and “Orchard of Mines”
    Imperitum – Based on “Imperativa”
    Trial of the Archangel – Based on “Witch Hunt” and “Archangel”
    Prelude to Paradise – Based on “Prelude” and “Prelude (On Earth As In Heaven)”
    The Reluctant Warrior
    Spiritus Omnia – Based on “Spiritus Elektros”, “Spiritus Sancte” and “Spiritus Khayyam”
    Fides en Lucius Dei – Based on “Lucius Dei” and “Diem ex Dei”
    Shield of Faith – Based on “Armed By Faith” and “Take Me Away”
    Onward to Freedom
    Empyrean Mercenaries – Based on “Heaven’s Warriors”
    Age of Discovery

As one would expect, the response to this album was tremendous. So, in 2010 Immediate Music fired out their second public release, namely Trailerhead: Saga. The makeup of the album was generally the same in which the songs were derived from private songs on production albums and remixed. The original songs came from the Themes for Orchestra and Choir series. The track list :

    Hymnus Orbis – Based on “Hymn”
    Glory Seeker – Based on “Defcon”
    Libertas – Based on “Liberation”
    Invictus – Based on “Divide and Conquer”
    Oratio Sanctus – Based on “Holy” and “Madre Terra”
    Emergence Of Empire – Based on “Rising Empire” [composed by Burt Goldstein]
    In League With Cerberus – Based on “Final Omen 2”, “Monolith”, and “Blasphemy 2.0”
    Darkness On The Edge Of Power – Based on “Dark side of Power”
    Ashes Of War – Based on “Love And War”
    World On A String – Based on “Global Crisis #1”
    Salvation For A Proud Nation – Based on “Proud Nation” and “Salvation”
    Fatum Plebis – Based on “O Destina”
    Darkness On The Edge Of Power (Live)
    Surrender To Hope – Based on “Believe”

In early 2009, Immediate Music decided to put on a concert known as ‘Trailer Music Live‘. This featured a full orchestra and choir performing tracks from their production library. In addition, the cinematic rock band known as ‘Globus‘ was featured. In an interview, Yoav Green offered an explanation leading up to the upcoming concert: “This event was received with such enthusiasm in London, that we felt compelled to bring it to the states. Trailer Music Live is truly a unique live concert experience for movie fans of all ages, featuring a large orchestra, choir and rock band bringing this emotional and epic movie music directly from the screen to the stage.”

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