Meet ICON Trailer Music!

A new trailer music company has emerged within the recent year to become a major supplier of production and  trailer music, ICON Trailer Music. Here is some interesting info about the company. At the very bottom, you will find a nice nugget!


ICON represents a new breed of trailer music.

We STAND for soaring strings. We SYMBOLIZE sizzling synths. We REFLECT enormous orchestras and EMBODY bombastic drumbeats. But most importantly, we CORRELATE with the highest of quality in HIGH-FIDELITY trailer music.

Impactful. High-energy. Thrilling. Explosive. Heart-pounding. Gut-wrenching. Triumphant. Awesomely awesome. These are just a few ways that ICON has been described to us. But go ahead, listen for yourself, and let us know what YOU think of ICON.


You can follow ICON and hear our music on Facebook (, Twitter ( and YouTube ( We’ll be posting news and updates regularly, including a new video featuring our music each week. So please subscribe, friend and follow us by clicking the links above to stay up on the latest and greatest! If you’re interested in licensing music from ICON, please visit for more info.

ICON was founded in 2011 by veteran composers Joel Goodman and Frederik Wiedmann. Here’s a little bit about each of them:

JOEL GOODMAN: Joel has scored 4 Oscar-nominated films and over 20 Emmy-nominated television programs and documentaries. He composed the Main Theme for the long-running and critically acclaimed PBS series American Experience, of which he also scored more than a dozen episodes including Seabiscuit, Wyatt Earp, Walt Whitman, and Clinton. His work for HBO accounts for over 30 films, most notably Born Rich, Wartorn, Hear & Now and A Small Act.  Being Elmo, the heartfelt and crowd-pleasing documentary about the man behind the muppet, is just one of several films featuring Joel’s music to see a theatrical release.

Goodman’s expertise as a composer is aided by his comfort in collaborating with directors and producers. Having scored more than 100 films in total, he has a refined ability to turn the emotions we see into those we hear and feel. Because of this, Joel has been fortunate to work with such award winning and legendary filmmakers as Wong Kar-wei, Barbara Kopple, Albert Maysles, Barak Goodman, Kevin Spacey, Irene Taylor Brodsky, Andrew Jarecki, Mark Zwonitzer, Marshall Curry, Oren Jacoby and Michael Epstein.

FREDERIK WIEDMANN:  Frederik has written music for a wide variety of feature film projects including Hostel: Part III (Sony Pictures), Mirrors II (20th Century Fox), Hellraiser: Revelations (Weinstein Company, Dimension Films), The Hills Run Red (Dark Castle Entertainment, Warner Brothers) and Return to House on Haunted Hill (Dark Castle Entertainment, Warner Brothers). You can also hear Frederik’s music in several TV productions including Moonlight (CBS), Reunion (Fox), Frost Giant (Syfy) and Triassic Attack (Syfy), just to name a few.

A strong foundation in digital music production combined with well-developed dramatic sensibility makes Frederik a highly desirable and in-demand Hollywood composer for film and TV. Frederik is currently scoring Green Lantern: The Animated Series (Warner Brothers Animation), produced by Bruce Timm and Giancarlo Volpe. This show is set to debut in Spring 2012 on the Cartoon Network, and has earned 2 Annie Nominations thus far, including one for Wiedmann’s score.

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