Mark Petrie – Guardians of Liberty (2011)

Mourning prevailed in the kingdom of elves.
The Queen was killed by the poisoned arrow of the enemy, paralyzing her vital organs instantly.

She struggled in battle amongst her guards and the other elves for her kingdom. For freedom ! But it was an unequal battle! A battle that had never been expected, given the peaceful life their kingdom had.

   An elven guard, her most trustfull friend, stood on top of her tomb. Tears fell like rain down his cheek…What did he do wrong ? If only he could save her…….If only he could run faster…If…. But what was the point ? She is dead and now he must bear the burden.

   He wiped his tears, didn’t want anyone to see him crying. Didn’t want to break the moral of his fellow elves. He turned to address them. To say a few comforting words. In their eyes, he saw the grief of the loss of their Queen…but he also saw, a spark ! It was that spark that urged him to speak: “My fellow comrades.” his voice was trembling. “I cannot imagine your grief” he could hear the whine of one of the elves from the back, “I do not want to sound harsh, but we can not waste any more time. By dawn our castle will be surrounded by the enemy and our kingdom will be burnt to ashes. If we do not take action now, God knows what will happen!”  Now the elves were listening to him carefully, as if his words somehow made a difference to them.
 “I know that this battle came as a surprise to all, but apart from being elves…we are GUARDIANS ! We were once guardians of the Queen. Now, it is our duty to bring peace in the kingdom and secure the safety of it’s citizens. “
“Vengance ! We should avenge the death of our Queen” ! One of the elves cried out loud.
 “With all due respect….Vengance is not something we should be concerned about right now. Our people are in danger. We should guard them with our lives. We must fight for our freedom and for everything we stand for ! What do you say my fellows ? Are you with me ? “

   They all looked at him with respect, as if they saw their leader in his eyes. They nodded in approval. Who would have thought that over the years, these same guardians will be known as the Guardians of Liberty !

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