Mark Petrie: Genesis


New Zealand born composer Mark Petrie has been based in the US for the past ten years. Pursuing a childhood dream to become a film composer, he originally moved from his home country to study at Boston’s Berklee College Music, where he majored in film scoring. Today he works in the Los Angeles area composing for films, TV shows, advertising and of course, trailers.It is definitely good to know that he is solely responsible for the creation of his work. His style of music is comparable to such revered artists as Hans Zimmer and other creators of Epic music such as Two Steps from Hell.
Genesis album review
Genesis is a compilation featuring some of Mark Petrie’s best work from tracks that are Epic to those that are mystical. The album opens up with a rip roaring piece of music that sets the scene for the type of music to come. It features an orchestra, choir and an excellent beat throughout. The track is reminiscent to music from films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Mummy. It has that adventurous feel to it that instills a rush of excitement. The album continues to delight with more upbeat tracks such as the fast paced Puma Punku and the dark foreboding sound of Asperatus.
 The style changes slightly for Game Changer as it is somewhat slower than the previous tracks although it still has that same electrifying beat that envelopes the soul. Epic Quest has an amazing atmosphere. The tune starts off quite mellow but then it builds into a grand epic score.
Stand out tracks
Picking out the best tracks from this album has proved to be a difficult task as simply put, the music is excellent. Of course a select few of the tunes excel over all others. Proioxis is one such track. It is a loud and energetic tune that delivers the goods and then some. The buildup is great especially when the orchestra kicks in. Then it really transcends to another level. Dark Heart is another awesome track firstly because it builds up a vivid image of the action movie genre and secondly because it has pure drive and passion at its core.
Overall opinion
As far as Epic music artists go, Mark Petrie comes across as being one of the best out there. The tracks on Genesis are a joy to listen to and every one of them is of a very high standard. All of the tracks are similar in style which some might say is a flaw but when they are all so good it doesn’t really matter. 

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