Marcello De Francisci – The Circle of Entrance

Circle Of EntranceComposer Marcello De Francisci  will be releasing a new collection of orchestral, hybrid & choral pieces in his new epic trailer music album “The Circle of Entrance”.






“The Circle of Entrance” – Track List

01. No More Tomorrows

02. The Circle of Entrance

03. Rebellion

04. Ascension

05. Break The Silence

06. Reckoning

07. Dreams Within The Light

08. Time

09. The Eighth Law of Power

10. Descension

11. The Circle

12. Ascended

13. Ascension Perc Track

“The Circle of Entrance”, stemmed from the idea and creative concept of providing theatrical movie trailer editors, creatives in the film and television industries with “A” level soundtrack production cues for usage and licensing. A symbiotic marriage of orchestral and modern synthetic sounds makes this a true example of what is better known today as “Hybrid Orchestral Music”. This series of works were produced with an approach to cover contemporary cinematic scoring moreover very much inspired by some of the current soundtracks of today’s film industry. The album took about five months to complete and all of the music was written, produced, engineered and mastered by Marcello De Francisci. Stems will be available upon request of all the work. The album is scheduled to hit the streets on December 03, 2013.

The music library Riptide Music will be representing this entire album’s work for all licensing purposes, so if you would like to use any of the tracks, please contact them.

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