A Look Back…

I’m sure you will agree with me that trailer music as a whole has collectively made progress to reach listeners. Why do we say this?

The main reason for the success is that it all begins with the fan base. Companies began to do release a higher number of public releases, in addition to the albums done for production music clients.
Take for example the esteemed company Two Steps From Hell. They had released Invincible in 2010 and then Archangel last year.

Audiomachine began to follow this with its own publc releases, starting with the highly anticipated Chronicles, which featured music from the Platinum Series as well as lesser known albums. Just over a week ago, Epica,  the premier release in the Artist Series was made a public release at major online music outlets.

City of the Fallen released Divinus earlier this year which was a compilation of Volumes 1-4.

There was a considerable suuport for these companies before, but there’s no reason to think that the popularity of trailer music won’t continue to grow.

Several companies still haven’t made official public releases as of this time, such as Future World Music along with a host of others. Hopefully in time though, this will change.

If trailer music does reach elite status in the music world, it would be because of the collective worldwide group of fans.

Here’s to a bright future.


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