“Live as Lions”!

Non-Stop Trailers has released a brand-new album called “Live as Lions”!

Album Preview:

“Live as Lions” was recorded in London at Abbey Road and also in Budapest, using about 132 musicians and singers. This one is all epic themes for orchestra.

Album Description:

Epic orchestral themes recorded at Abbey Road paired with dazzling trailer sound design, GO+B serves up a modern masterpiece of trailer music artistry.  Spanning genres from futuristic superhero action to timeless period drama, each song is crafted around an instantly memorable orchestral melody.


At times triumphant and at others, dire.  With emotional sweeping strings and a huge brass section.  Featuring powerful percussion and victorious choir.  Better to live one day as a lion than 1000 years a lamb!

Want to hear the full album? Head on over here!

Epic Listening!

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