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277098_176246639053039_300493057_sMeet the License Lab, another music library to come from the shadows, headed by Daniel Holter and Dennis Dunn. LL boasts a wide array of products, as shown below:


UNDERscore Music Library™

Focused music moods. Constant updates. Each UNDERscore™ gradually sets the scene with extended builds and leaves you hanging with a question-mark ending. Promo 30 edits and alternate stinger endings available for nearly every track.

Organic Spark Music™
Cosmopolitan catalysts and gritty grooves designed to ignite and motivate, this collection of finely crafted productions brings a major label approach to independent inspiration.

Modus Operandi Production Music
Sonic DNA for visual motives, hyperreal storytelling and aural stimulation. Long-form full tracks and alternate mixes, with additional construction kits for extended programming.

Three Ingredients Or Less Music
Pure. Simple. Genuine. Sometimes less is more. When the performances are genuine and the music is inspired, any more than a trio is overkill. Lovingly baked bits and tasty tracks for the discerning visual producer.

Hype shouldn’t be a buzzword. When lovingly crafted, it’s a lifestyle, it’s in the DNA… not some slogan to be exploited, but a culture to be celebrated. $hit-hot tracks for sports and lifestyle promos.

Picture Puncture Music
When everything is epic, nothing is epic. Picture Puncture is supersonic impact for moving pictures. A bespoke collection of exclusive music and elements for use in trailers, promos, video games, and advertising.

Eyeballs & Eardrums (coming 2013)
Emotive & eclectic, homebrewed aural kickstarters. Handcrafted sonic vibes for the theater in your mind. Production music that’s less like a library, more like a label

The trailer music catalog featured is Picture Puncture and Daniel gave some insight into the background of how it all came into being:

Picture Puncture is a new label being produced by my company The Burst Collective for a new music licensing company called The License Lab (in which I’m also a founding partner).

After developing (near the end of 2012) the first 4 albums of material as a sort of anti-epic approach, we had requests from The License Lab’s network and studio clients for some dramatic modern epic cues. However, we didn’t want to create just another album of choir-meets-dubstep with no regard for the usability of the collection, so we set about delving deep into listening to as much current trailer music as we could get our ears on and crafting a story or a mission for the project.

That story became more epic and universal than we originally thought it would, because as we explored storytelling, philosophy, great works of mythology and the history of cinema, we realized there was a unifying theme through much of it that hadn’t yet been effectively offered in a single package of trailer music custom crafted for licensing… and that was this concept of balance, chaos and order, dark and light, or equilibrium. It’s there in all the great myths, all the great movies, throughout human history. So we wanted to create something that addressed this (somewhat obtuse) concept. No big deal, right?!

Anyway… what we came up with was this basic idea that for every main thematic statement on the album we would also offer a smaller introduction cue (or prequel), as well as a few other varied and unique interpretations of the main theme. And throughout the production we would highlight the lowlights, enhance the shadows, add light to dark and dark to light, try to make beautiful things dangerous and ugly and mold the danger and ugliness into something beautiful.

Which means that for every epic Main theme on The Equilibrium Anthology (there are 12), there’s also related but separate Intro cues, as well as Amped mixes (electrified and edgy) and Remixes with vocals (usually hip hop based). These are all unique titles that have been created in addition to all the requisite Stem mixes and various Alternates users of licensed music have come to expect.

The rest of the team:

Executive Producer : Daniel Holter for The Burst Collective
Produced by : Daniel Holter and Chris Mosher
Composed by : Chris Mosher
Vocals by : various artists (details to come)
Remixes by : various up-and-comers (still being finalized)
Mixes by : Mat Prock (Final Fantasy), Doug McBride (Rachael Yamagata, Fall Out Boy)
Mastered by : Justin Perkins
Available for licensing exclusively through The License Lab

There are also plans to offer the Equilibrium themes through iTunes, Spotify, and other online digital music services.

The album, in keeping with the License Lab’s philosophy of balance and equilibrium, was recorded both live and electronically. They have recorded live strings, live choir, live soloists, live percussion, as well as utilizing the latest software instruments and plugins (in a previous life Holter was a beta tester and NAMM show demonstrator for Spectrasonics). And we have our own recording studios, but we also used a few remote locations for some sonic variety.

Their previous albums :

A preview of 8 of the Main themes here :

Here’s  a playlist showing examples of each of the available mixes/versions for a single theme :

Also, a quick teaser video here :

Check out more on Picture Perfect Music and License Lab here:
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Twitter: @thelicenselab

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