“Les Friction”

Debut album

   The much talked about duo of the two brothers Helmut Vonlichten and Franz Vonlichten belonged to the phenomenal group with the name of E.S. Posthumus. But after the unexpected death of Franz the group broke up and Helmut channelized his energies into forming another exceptional band with the name of Les Friction. There much anticipated debut album with the same name was released on 24th January 2012. 
     The new album has soundtracks which would perfectly fit any kind of action flick. Basically this album is a producer’s dream as far as hardcore rock trailer soundtracks are concerned. From the instruments to the exceptionally well composed vocals the band severs all who have the right wavelength for rock music. The band les Friction is a creation of not only Helmut but also the well know trailer music composer ‘Nihl Finch’. Both the artists have put in the best of their efforts as far as this debut album is concerned on top of this the singer by the name of ‘Paint’ has also done his part in adding the catchy element to this album thus bring something new to the soundtrack world.

     Even before the album’s released some of its famous soundtracks took everyone by storm. The track with the name of “Torture” was released in November and casted a spell on all the rock lovers. The track starts with a melodious music and then the vocals kick in, along with this one can actually feel the drums and the guitar coming into the picture. The song builds on beautifully without any hitches or hiccups just live a river flowing effortlessly. 

       The successful duo of Helmut and Nihl emerged in their former group E.S.Posthumus and is now strengthened further with the vocals of ‘paint’. A fresh and interest element has been added to their compositions which is what makes them the hot topic on many blogs and thus one of the most anticipated new bands in the world of trailer music.

    There tracks such as ‘Louder Than words’ and ‘Here comes the reign’ depict the experience and professionalism exhibited by the composers. The way the tunes have been blended into each other along with the perfectly fitting vocals the tracks give a sense of completeness that has never been so well communicated in other trailer music based rock bands.  The band not only caters the trailer music industry but it is a dream of anyone who is a die hard rock music fan. This is what makes this band all the more extraordinary.

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