Les Friction – Who Will Save You Now?

Artist Biography
Les Friction is an alternative music group that has produced some interesting sounds since their inception in 2011. The group may have only been around a short period of time but they have made an impact on the alternative music scene. The group is led by Helmut Vonlichten. Other band members are Nihl Finch and Paint, the resident singer.
The music of Les Friction
Les Friction offers a unique sound and it’s nice to say that the mix of Epic Music and rock blend together very well indeed. The Track called Sunday is a great example this; it features a thumping drum beat and splashes of splashes of orchestra which really liven up the proceedings. And then there are the vocals, which add plenty of emotion to the cocktail. World on Fire offers a darker side to Les Friction and is an example of how the group can so easily change their style.
Review of single – Who Will Save You Now
The latest track released by Les Friction is an interesting piece, not only because of the music but also because of how it came about. The band held a competition in 2012 whereby the winner would name the title of their next track; and thus Who Will Save You Now was born. The winner of the competition was Hakeem Wilson. So what about the song itself? Well, it’s certainly something that stands out from the crowd and a song that is quite hard to categorize. There are strong elements of epic music ground into the essence of the track from the slow beginning to the driving rock type build up. The quiet start leads onto some somber vocals from the man known as Paint. There are elements of such great bands as Radiohead and 30 Seconds to Mars but it’s obvious that there is so much more to Les Friction from the point at which the song takes an unexpected turn about three and a half minutes in. The Epic music side reveals itself and it’s safe to say that it is a welcome sound to the ears.
Overall opinion
There was very little doubt as to the excellence of this band from their previous recordings. Who will Save you now is a rare song which succeeds in creating a mix of emotions thanks to the change in musical style as the song progresses.

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