Les Friction:prepare for your enjoyment

How do you listen to trailer music?
Everyone is different, so this question is as hard as it gets, but when I do I normally get to work in front of the PC and listen to them as I go. No special playlist or whatsoever, I just listen to new released work as I get my hands on it. Most of the time nothing happens, until I experience that one special where magic and mystery take over my being and I keep staring al my boxes as if those inanimate objects could answer all my questions:

-What is playing?
-Who is singing?
-What is this?

At the beginning of this year this happened again. After the initial shock, I closed all my work documents and went to see what was agitating me. My media player had all the answers. Well, one, a two-worder:

I tried to remember, because that name was familiar, I took me some time and it came to me. Not long ago I read that Helmut Vonlichten was going to embark himself in a new musical adventure. Could this be it? But… a piece was missing from this puzzle, the voice. A voice so clear and pure that, I kid you not, it got me goosebumps and filled my eyes with tears. Checking again I saw that right now “Torture” was playing. And would play again, and again, up to three hours that day, or even more. And with each iteration, each time me I heard it, I discovered new things, new details, and made me like it even more. I could spend entire days or weeks just talking about this song, this masterpiece, of the soft piano at the beginning, how Paint’s voice mends with the harmonies and you start to grasp just how much emotion this piece has inside of it, it’s peak at the chorus: “it’s torture”.

The next day I discovered that there were two more pieces, released as singles.

On one hand “Here comes the Reign”, it was so different! Could it be “Depeche Mode”? But soon the orchestral greatness was there to remind me that indeed this was another thing. Something different and new. The other single was “Louder than words”… If there is any rock lover reading this, please tell me if you are able to listen to this song with you eyes closed and not remember Freddie Mercury giving his best at Wembley, if you wouldn’t love to see this in the epicness of a full stadium just like Muse does nowadays, to feel this cries of “louder!” geting through to your bones, unto the structures of the stadium just to elevate itself to the skies echoed by ninety-thousand people. (I admit, one of my biggest dreams right now).

Lucky me, it took only some days after that until the full album was released. The first thing I did that day was to secure my copies of it (by digital distribution), I couldn’t resist buying both versions.So much to discover! “World on fire” with its capacity to take you to a dark place, somewhat apocalyptic, with Paint’s voice murmuring only to rise later with the company of an electric guitar. The big surprise that is “Sunday” which starts to sound and at first you don’t even know where you are or what this is; Someone that listens to this album in a rush will be most estranged by it, but those who enjoy it and listen to it calmly will soon be rewarded since it is like listening to ES.Posthumus, to my mind soon came “Arise”, from Makara, I can’t say why, but soon it was like listening to some old friends, since then, Sunday is one of my all time favorites.

I could tell you so much more, lose myself in more details but I’ll try not to make this any longer.

I’m not even sure if I would be able to make this any shorter, because we are talking about “Les Friction”, because they work with some of the best voices (apart from the great Merethe Soltvedt): Paint, whose mystery would be an entry in itself, so it’s best to leave this here, with a warm recommendation to listen to the album, enjoy each song, calmly and let Paint’s voice take over your mind and maybe later try and listen to the instrumental versions, just to discover even more details which will, I’m sure, surprises you.



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