KPM Music

Artist Biography
KPM Music is a production house that specializes in the creation of music for film, Television and Radio. They are one of the leading music production companies in the world and their music has featured in such films as The Bodyguard, Natural Born Killers and Ed Wood. KPM have over 16,000 tracks available to clients. Back in 1995, KPM Music joined the fledgling music download scene which has enabled them to flaunt their creations to a wider audience.
All about KPM music
KPM music has a vast library at their disposal with plenty of choice tunes on offer. Some of their best music is of the epic variety such as uniquely titles A Bass Renaissance, a track that delivers two distinct styles of music in one package. It starts of in a traditional manner with traditional orchestral sounds and accompanying choir. It all seems rather normal but then about thirty seconds into the track things kick into high gear with the addition of a high octane beat and synthesized sounds. The combination of the traditional and the techno beats may seem like a strange combination but they work together rather well. Search for Freedom is an excellently epic track that treads more traditional ground. Emerge is another great song with a brilliant track with an uplifting feel to it. It builds up perfectly and pulls in various styles along the way. It features orchestral style music with a techno beat thrown in for good measure. Another outstanding tune is a track called The Good Shall Rise Again. It captures the grand scale of cinema perfectly. The grand epic style of music continues through much of their catalogue of tracks with virtually no dip in quality.
Overall opinion
If there ever was an epic production company that stood out from then KPM Music is the one’s to do that. They have produced a vast library of music covering many different genres and styles. Their expert musicians are dedicated to creating music to be proud of. 

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