Julie Elven Interview

942935_364741836980603_921150954_nMeet vocalist Julie Elven in this brief interview on TMV. She has lent her voices to work with composers like Ivan Torrent and Valentin Boomes. Read on to find out more about her musical career.


TMV: Can you talk a bit about your background in music?
As a young child, music was something I experienced through my Mom – she accompanied her householding with improvised singing… every task had its song! Me and my sisters imitated her, discovering singing as a natural activity.
My instrumental journey began when I was nine – piano lessons. I begged my parents! My piano teacher was a compassionate and free spirit, so she let me choose the pieces and encouraged my creativity, letting technique play a minor role. I feel grateful when thinking back. As a teenager, I passionately took dancing lessons, learned to play the violin, wrote my first original melodies and dreamed of being a jazz singer.
However, I didn’t really like to play by notes. My ears were much faster at internalising melodies and chords! When I quitted lessons at 18, a whole new world enfolded: For the first time, there was no technique anymore, no playing by notes, just ‘listening’. More and more, I learned to fully trust on my intuition in this area. This was when I began to develop my own style in music.
TMV: How did it feel to work with noted trailer music composers like Ivan Torrent?
It was a totally new experience. ‘Icarus’ with Ivan Torrent was the beginning of my cinematic vocals journey. And I was nervous as hell when I recorded the first lines!! Working with Ivan was not only musically stimulating – he is also a very kind spirit as a person.
Listening to ‘Icarus’, more and more cinematic composers began to reach out to me. I am grateful for being involved in various projects since then, each inspiring in its unique way!
TMV: Any upcoming projects?
Alongside the cinematic projects which I love, I’ve bought myself a cello which I am currently learning to play. I love the sound so much… I could not resist. (:
TMV: Additional comments?
Thank you for this interview!

And Thank you to Julie Elven for takign the time to answer our questions!

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