Jo Blankenburg, new album

There are times when you find people like Jo, a nice guy who is close to his fans. You only need to check out his profile in any social network to see how he tries to update them with pictures, statuses, information and even poking his fans on facebook! That might sound lame but I’m sure everyone who had received such a treat was surprised at first, but smiling right after. It’s that easy to make your fans happy, and regarding this, Jo is one of the best composers out there.
Be he is not only close and kind: He is also very good at his job.

I discovered his music through “Planet Earth Forever”, a piece on which the only thing you must do is to sit down, relax, close your eyes and enjoy everything from it: The softness, its wonderful piano… But beware, that softness can be misleading: Mr Blankenburg can make you tremble with such intense songs like “Hymn of the Apocalypse”, included on “Vendetta” which is a must have for every trailer music fan and is found in the Trailer Music catalogue.
This time, Trailer Music and Jo Blankenburg joined forces again to bring us “Elysium” an album I’m more eager to listen to than “Heaven” from TSFH, maybe because I’m expecting Elysium to surprise me with many changes and voices, specially after seeing a picture of Dominik Brychta, the young vocalist, at work. We will be able to listen very soon to the tracklist, unveiled by Jo himself not long ago:
Leaving Lemuria
Voyage dans la Lune
Terra Mirus
Garador’s flight

Undoubtedly, Elysium is going to be one of the best albums of the year.

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