‘EpicJennyni20’ Interview with TMV!

A picture of Jennifer? Well, not quite.

There are major promoters of epic film music on the Internet today, particularly on the video sharing site YouTube. In particular, there is one that was there from the inception of film music. She is none other than ‘Jennyni200’. Her original channel was ‘Jennyni20’; however that was taken down after a few years. She then created an alternative channel ‘EpicJennyni20’.  She has earned several honors

from Youtube including Most Subscribed (All-Time) -Director’s France.
Her videos are published in high-definiton. She also masterfully selects pictures that fit themes of the song.
    Her real name is Jennifer Martin.  You can follow her on Facebook, YouTube,  and her blog.
       I have a video bar at the top of the site bar which features several of her videos. I got the chance to interview her as it were, and here it is!
TrailerMusicVibe: How did you find out or get involved in epic film music?

Jennifer:  I begin to love epic music  thanks to a World of Warcraft game.  I love music and that was in a video.  The song was by ”Future World Music – Guardians of The Universe” I saw what was this song was not on YouTube so I just did a quick little video of this music with tw or three random pictures. Then I was not on YouTube for 8 months and one day I log on and this video had 12,000 views! I was super happy with the views and so I tried to start the whole album. 
   On Google, I came across a pack of Audiomachine albums with the first album. I was one of the first to publish the epic music on Youtube. Audiomachine was not known at all; it was just X-Ray Dog, Immediate Music and Two Steps From Hell. I then begin to download music of another company. And over time it is that my videos are starting to have views of and now it is already four years I was on YouTube trying to follow the news of new tracks!

TrailerMusicVibe: Do you have particular sources of inspiration?

Jennifer: These are not my music or my pictures so for this you will have to ask the composer. I’m trying to find a beautiful image that will go best with the music. I make ​​my mix to suit my tastes and the music I mix.

TrailerMusicVibe: Do you have any plans for the future regarding epic music?
 Jennifer: Eeh … I love the music epic / classic but I never play any instrument. So it’ll be my dream to take short lerne for any type of instrument (Piano, Violin …) but for now I focus on my studies.

TrailerMusicVibe: Is that avatar on your YouTube channel a picture of you?
 Jennifer: I think some of you have already guessed, I found very nice picture so I set image profiles and since she is staying. She has black hair, but mine is brown. But the face is a tiny resemblance.

TrailerMusicVibe: Do you have any comments for your fans?

Jennifer: Yes, thank you for all the comments that are left regularly on YouTube. I do not respond to any comments but I binds them all without exception. Thank you to my subscribers to follow me in everything I did. Thanks to all composers of the world for having created the music without music because there is no life. Again thank you for without you I would be nothing. I hope to discover and enjoy the epic music by more people.

Thanks to her again!!

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