Interview with violinist Kelly Ryu

1493067_553178018101109_1557628018_n As we know there are several different elements to putting a good trailer music cue for music listeners to enjoy.  Not to be overlooked among these elements is the work of violinists. The work sounds great, but what is involved in doing so? Well,  Kelly Ryu (pictured left) helps us to gain a deeper understanding as well as go into her background of playing the violin.  Check out my interview with her below!

– What inspired you to become a violinist? It’s just been my passion ever since I was little. As a child, I listened to famous violinists like Joshua Bell and Lindsey Stirling and thought to myself, ‘That’s what I wanna do when I grow up’, and I guess that was what really inspired me to pursue a career in music. I loved everything about the violin – the warm, rich sound and the emotion that it resonates like no other instrument can.

– How did you feel when you began working with more trailer music composers like Philip Lober and Aran Zayne? Honestly, I felt honored and was thrilled to work with these amazing, talented composers. I’m still quite new to the trailer music industry, and to say I’m enjoying it is an understatement! Working with Aran and Phillip on their tracks helped me broaden my musical horizons, and I’m extremely appreciative of the opportunity that I was given.

– Could you describe what a typical work process would be like for you? My typical recording session normally starts with setting up my mic and the audio interface that connects it to my laptop. I open the mixing/editing software I always use, which is Garageband, and simply record however many tracks I need. If I’m recording for a video on my YouTube channel, I then proceed with filming, editing the video and syncing the track with it. It’s a lengthy process – I usually have to spend 15 to 20 hours just recording, filming and editing just to upload one cover on my channel!

– I really like your work on the track “Final Light”. How much time did you spend on this cue? When Phillip sent me the sheet music for my part, I had a couple days to learn the piece – studying the texture, phrasing, chord progression, etc. I wanted to make sure that I perfected every part my recording before sending it over, but still playing with true passion and enthusiasm and not just reading off sheet music. After that, I ended up spending about 6 to 7 hours recording the track!

– Additional comments?

I’d like thank everyone who’s supported me in my music career over the years – my family, friends, subscribers and viewers. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I look forward to many more years as I continue to improve myself and develop as a musician.

TMV wants to thank Kelly for taking the time to interview with the site.

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– Leighton

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