Interview with TrailerMusicAmerica

Meet Alexandra Velimort, the user behind the great YouTube channel, TrailerMusicAmerica.  But how did she become a fan? Please view the following interview for more info:

TMV: How did you become a trailer music fan?

AV: I became a fan when I saw the Spider-Man 2 trailer, I always wanted to know what the choir song was featured in the trailer, it bothered me, until later on, I discovered the song, by that time, I also was introduced to Two Steps From Hell, Epic Score, and more of Immediate Music, I’m so glad that trailer music exists, I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

TMV:What are your favorite companies?

AV: It’s a tough one, mainly because each company has some really great songs, like TSFH’s “Skyworld”, I must of listened to that track more than a 100 times, it’s just that good, then there is Epic Score’s “I still have a soul.” That song is emotional and powerful at the same time, it’s beyond any words, but to answer your question, I would say Two Steps From Hell is my favorite company, their music is unique in their own way, the choir they put into some of their songs is phenomenal, like “My Freedom.” I think at this point, they are the top leading trailer music company, what do you expect, it’s TSFH.

TMV:What do you like to do while listening to trailer music?

AV I like to edit the songs, it can be fun and challenging at the same time, because there is so many possibilities out there, I can shorten the song, make it longer, remix it, and add additional sound effects if it works out, the possibilities are endless, also exercising to some epic music can never do any harm 😉

TMV: TrailerMusicAmerica has become successful. What do you think of the future of trailer music?

AV: Well thank you for that, for the future of trailer music, nothing much I can see that will change, why? because it’s trailer music, it will always have epic beats, powerful choirs, and some remixes, it’s what it is and I like that, and I wouldn’t really wanted any other way.

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