Interview with Tibor Szőke aka KacskaTB

He comes from the land of Hungary and is a uploader of epic music on YouTube. You know him as KacskaTB but his real name is Tibor Szőke (szőke = blond). The 32-year old is an economist by trade as he never learned music. He actually began his venture into epic music after the death of his brother in 2000. Often times, he imagines and lives as if he were in a dream world. His favorite instrument is the piano, hence the composers Frederic Chopin and Ferenc Liszt. He describes Liszt was his dark side (devil) and Chopin as the light (God) in my soul. For movie scores, he likes Hans Zimmer, James Horner and Thomas Newman. Probably his favorite soundtrack is The Lord Of The Rings.

His favorite sports are football (soccer) and Bayern München. He began on Youtube in 2008 with the name Kacska16. It had over 15,000 subscribers before Tibor deleted it in 2010. He then started the second channel and closely follows the YouTube channels parkourfreak, jennyni, and darklegacy. Tibor has also made friends in the epic music family such as Rain Ventsel and Kristóf Kürti. His favorite movies are The Las Samurai, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Godfather, and also historic movies.


His most powerful inspiration is from Thomas Bergersen, founder of Two Steps From Hell, which Tibor first heard in 2009. The large emotions, strong melodies and grand epic feeling stand out to him. The albums he likes are Nemesis, Power of Darkness, and Illusions. The favorite track from this company last year is “El Dorado” which you will find a link to at the end of the interview.

Below you will find a brief interview I did with him:


TMV: How did you become a trailer music junkie?

TS: When i first heard this Narnia trailer in 2008: Here Comes The King by X-Ray Dog

2. TMV: What are your favorite trailer music libraries?

TS: Two Steps From Hell (the best)


Immediate Music

Epic Score

City Of The Fallen

TMV: Would you say that is easy to be a trailer music fan?

TS: Open your heart, imagine a world, where you will be those man, who you want. You dont use drugs, because trailer music helps to open your mind.

TMV: Do you have any closing remarks?

TS: No, not at this time

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