Interview with Sean Johnson of Non-Stop Trailers, the trailer music division of Warner/Chappell Production Music

Warner/Chappell Production Music is an exciting new company owned by legendary music publisher Warner/Chappell Music. The company unites successful independents Non-Stop Music, 615 Music, Groove Addicts, CPM, V – The Production Library and many more. With offices across the globe including London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, Nashville, Hamburg and Stockholm in addition to world-class recording facilities in Nashville and Salt Lake City, Warner/Chappell Production Music is poised to set a new standard in the production music industry.
Warner/Chappell Production Music’s brands have composed works for countless well-known TV shows, films, and companies, including the “Today” Show, ESPN, Disney, Capital One, DirecTV, British Open Royal & Ancient, World Cup South Africa, Motorola, Subway, Major League Baseball, Cox Communications, SPEED Channel and Volkswagen. Warner/Chappell Production Music brands are the recipients of many industry awards including multiple EMMY Awards, Telly, Addy and Promax Awards.

Of particular interest here is their relationship with trailer music. I had a chance to speak with Sean Johnson, Director of Music for Film Trailers & Advertising for Non-Stop Trailers. Be sure to follow Non-Stop Trailers on Facebook for more information and more!

1. How did Warner/Chappell Production Music come to be?
Warner/Chappell Production Music is the culmination of a multitude of efforts, persons and entities over many years.  The primary genesis began in the early 1980s when friends and musicians, Randy Thornton and Bryan Hofheins, started a custom music studio by the name of Non-Stop Music.  Over the years Non-Stop Music became an industry powerhouse scoring countless themes and jingles ranging from Monday Night Football and the Olympics to the NBC Evening News and Today Show, as well as literally hundreds of film trailers.  With such vast content, eventually a production music library was created under the name Non-Stop Music whereby many of these custom trailer scores were organized for further use in film and television.
Years later, Warner/Chappell Music, the publishing arm of Warner Music Group, was looking to get a significant foothold in the growing and evermore influential production music world.  As such they set out to acquire a production music heavyweight that had not only a diverse and quality catalog of music, but one with a pedigree and industry respect, as well as the scoring stages and facilities necessary for ongoing future production.  This led Warner/Chappell to Non-Stop Music, and in 2007 Non-Stop Music became the production music division of Warner Music Group.
Since then, Non-Stop Music has been busy growing its catalog of music through domestic production and expansion (Non-Stop Premiere, Xtortion Audio, etc) as well as with a number of high-profile acquisitions including Groove Addicts (Full Tilt, Silent Methods, Scaremeister, Glory Oath & Blood, etc.), 615 Music (Scoring Stage, Platinum Series, etc.), V-The Production Library and CPM (formerly known as Carlin Production Music) to become the third largest production music library in the world.
Finally, because so many great collections of music were now all part of the same family, the decision was made in early 2012 to rename the production music arm Warner/Chappell Production Music to be more inclusive and comprehensive.  Further, it was decided that the trailer music division of Warner/Chappell Production Music would continue to be known as Non-Stop Trailers.
2. Several independent trailer music labels are now consolidated under Warner/Chappell Production Music library such as Non-Stop Trailers and Groove Addicts. What would you say is a benefit of doing so?
Excellent question, as there has been a bit of confusion over the matter.  Non-Stop Trailers is simply the trailer music division of Warner/Chappell Production Music.  This was done to maintain the differentiation between our larger production music catalog and that of our very focused trailer music collections such as Full Tilt, Xtortion Audio and Non-Stop Premiere.  As you know, “trailer music” is a very niche market that demands the highest quality production and cutting-edge, dynamic sound.  Because so much of our time, energy and resources are put into the creation of music geared towards the trailer industry, we felt that maintaining a separate division for trailer music would ensure those labels continue to stand shoulders above and are never “lost” within our more broad production music collection.
3. What are your thoughts on the future of trailer as well as production music?
Where to begin?  That’s a great question with a multifaceted answer.  Overall, both trailer music and production music is growing rapidly.  That’s undeniable.  Every week it seems a new collection is introduced to the market.  On the upside, increased competition only pushes us harder to continue to produce relevant music of the highest caliber.  And along with that competition I believe consumers and fans are the beneficiaries, for both trailer music and production music has never sounded better.  As an industry we are no longer viewed as something on the fringe, but more and more (rightfully so) as a significant part of the worldwide music industry.  Who would have thought 10 years ago music collections like Full Tilt, audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell would have legions of fans much like commercial artists?  Moreover, you’re seeing more and more commercial artists composing and performing for production music libraries.  It’s crazy, but shows how powerful and mainstream production and trailer music has become.
In the end, these are exciting times for everyone.  Sounds, styles and trends will change for both production and trailer music going forward, but the cream always rises to the top.  Those of us who continue to deliver a superior sound to the market will be the same ones shaping the music scene five, ten, twenty years down the road.  And I can promise you and all your readers that Non-Stop Trailers and Warner/Chappell Production Music will be there, still at the forefront producing the best the industry has to offer.
All in all this sounds fantastic! TrailerMusicVibe wants to thank Mr. Johnson, as well as Jennifer Stowe for correspondence.

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