Interview with a popular Trailer Music Uploader – ‘RogueOfAvatar’

I was interviewing the German Trailer Music Uploader Raphael Tembergen, known as RogueOfAvatar on YouTube. If you want to get in contact with him, check out his Facebook and YouTube channels at the end of the interview. 
The interview was made in German, therefore I had to translate it into English. I didn’t change his opinions answers in anyway. It is all his original wording (just in English ;F). 
1: How did you come to Trailer Music? 
Well, I managed a private server of World of Warcraft. Therefore I wanted to produce a promotional video. I was searching for the right music. The term ‘Trailer’ I already knew. So I was searching for ‘Trailer Music’. 
2: And what was the first track you’ve found and heard?
My first love was ‘Here Comes the King’ by X-Ray Dog Music.

3: Talking about ‘love’: Does X-Ray Dog Music count to your favorite trailer music company? Or is there an other Number 1?
The ranking is as follows: audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell, E.S. Posthumus, X-Ray Dog Music, Position Music. The best first six.
4: Thus, your favorite composer also comes from audiomachine, or? 
Yes. Kevin and Paul (Kevin Rix and Paul Dinletir, editor’s note) are two awesome guys. I like how variable their music is. From Metal to Drama as well as to bombastic orchestra – everything is represented. And their quality is excellent. 
5: Yea, I have to agree. How some people maybe already know, you are also very active on YouTube, with your account RogueOfAvatar. Why did you decide to upload Trailer Music on YouTube?
Well, I produced this trailer for the server. I liked it to be creative. Therefore I produced a fan made trailer for my favorte movie ‘Avatar’ (therefore ‘RogueOfAvatar’) in 2009. This one I uploaded on my old account ‘TheBlazeWoW’. The people were asking which music I was using for it. In this case it was ‘Hell’s Battalion’ by audiomachine. They liked it. So, I was uploading more. Some tracks which I collected. When my account was banned, I opend a new one and continued the work. 

6: Talking about Account-Suspension: Even ‘RogueOfAvatar’ was banned for a few time. How did you manage to get your account back?
First of all I didn’t do anything. I tried to gain ground with my backupp account ‘RogueOfAvatar1’. The success was very decent. Therefore I decided to contact the creator, in this case ‘ZeniMax’. I talked long time with the ‘Master Chief Of PR Management’ Peter Langenhofer. A really nice man. He clarified the request very speedy with the colleagues in the states. After about one week I got the message, that they take back the copyright strike. I just had to delete the mentioned video. 
7: This almost sound like, that you can discuss gerenally with the origin creators, when your account got suspended. Or do you hold that the case with ‘ZeniMax’ only was an exception, and in gerenally you can’t get your account back?
I don’t think so. My account held three copyright strikes, that’s because it got closed. Because of the success of ‘ZeniMax’ I also contacted the creators of the first two strikes. These were ‘UMG’ and ‘Fox’. ‘UMG’ asnwered really fast. Within 2 weeks the problem was solved. With ‘Fox’ I am still in contact after 3 months. I doubt that this will still work with them. But in general you can talk with them. We are all only humans. 
8: I can imagine, that it oculd be really hard to get a copyright strike back with parties like X-Ray Dog Music, which say at the outset that they won’t tolerate uploads on YouTube.
That is true. X-Ray Dog Music is a harder category. ‘MusicHealsOurSoul’ and ‘Zagoreni02’ (Trailer Music Uploaders on YouTube, editor’s note) were feeling the effects of it. I even warned ‘Zagoreny02’, but he was uploading more and more tracks by X-Ray Dog Music. This couldn’t end well. Unfortunately he ignored my warning. 
9: But back to you. Are there maybe tracks, which you don’t like at all?
Thomas Bergersen produced such a hit. ‘My Soul Is Not Yours’ does not suit my taste at all. Also some tracks by 8Dawn are not my taste. Even X-Ray Dog Music produced some works which I find abhorrent. But they have many good tracks, for sure. 
10: Many people don’t know, but you are composing too. Was trailer music the activator for it? A special track perhaps?
Trailer music wasn’t ‘The’ activator. I already tried to compose some tracks of my former favorite music ‘Hardstyle’. But trailer music was flaring up the idea again. The activator actually was ‘The Reckoning’ by Machine Vandals. This track is also one of my favorites. 
11: Is the love to Hardstyle lapsed completely? Or do you listen to it sometimes?
The last time is some months ago. I always asking myself how I could listen to such primitive music. But sometimes there is a Hardstyle track in my Playlist. But this is very rare. You are changing yourself.
12: You are changing yourself, that’s true. What did trailer music exactly change at you?
A lot. In generally, I am listenting to much more music. Especially by walking. I didn’t do it earlier. Now I can’t resign anymore to listen to music during my school route in the bus. With this, you are starting with a complete other motivation in the day. It’s like a batch of pure energy. Power of Epic Music. You just have the feeling, that nobody can stop you in that moment. While listening to ‘Into The Eternal Twilight’ by Immediate Music, you could be able to move mountains. It’s a great feeling. I also have the feeling that the music made me totally self-confident. I also think that it changed my character. How exactly, I can’t describe. But something is there. 
13: How will trailer music develop? At the moment, more and more public release will be published. Isn’t it counterproductive, when more and more people know the true promise of trailer music? In this way, this ‘special feeling’ will disappear, when trailer music will develop straight to become ‘mainstream’. What do you think? 
We will lose our ‘Nerd-Status’. I just love it, when someone is asking me what kind of music I am listening, and I answer with ‘Trailer music, orchestral or Epic Music’. Those confusing faces are just faboulous. I think that trailer music will lose of quality when it becomes mainstream. Unfortunately, this is always the way. When the production is raising, the quality will decrease. How the music will change itself? Well, I think, that more and more Electro and Dubstep is coming. You still can see this process. I like this mix, but I don’t want, that this will replace the original orchestral. 
14: ‘Nerd-Status’, nice expression. Are you the nerd in class? Could you present trailer music to your classmates?
I always was the total nerd. But I started to love this. ‘Mainstream’ isn’t my case. Just a few friends like this. Most of them think of chirch music when they hear the term ‘Orchestral’. They pigeonhole you. At the moment, I was successful with 3 people who like trailer music, within 3 years. But in the internet you find a lot more people, a growing community. 
15: Whereat chirch music isn’t bad. Or don’t you like classcial music?
I miss the ‘Action’ in classcial music. I need a big, powerful orchestral, with a tuneful choir, sometimes also with Hybrid. No sleeping music. I just like a few classcial pieces like ‘O Fortuna’ by Carmina Burana. 
16: Do you have some conclusive words for our readers, especially for our beginners? Tips or somethings like that? 
For sure: support the composer. Don’t just listen to their music on YouTube, buy it. You can use YouTube for checking out some pieces, but if you really like it, buy it. Without us composers like Erik Ekholm can’t excist. They are depending on us. And you should support the uploaders on YouTube. We are sparing lots of time for you. A few nice works are really helping us. 
Thank you Raphael Tembergen, for this interview!
I hope you enjoyed this interview, it really was fun to made. Raphael is a really nice and interesting person, you have to check him out. Here are his contacts:
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Thank you for your time, and thank you for enjoying Trailer Music Vibe!

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