Prototype Scores – Interview with Trailer Music Vibe, July 2013

Prototype Scores – Interview with Trailer Music Vibe, July 2013

Creating custom music and sound designs for media advertising since their launch in 2012, Prototype Music boats unique and innovative music. I had a chance to speak with Or Chausha, the head huncho at PS and he answered a few questions about their company.


TMV: How did you come up with the name Prototype Scores?


Facebook CoverPrototype Scores originated from the term prototype. The idea of combining all of our talents and skills under one umbrella was a Prototype at the time. Meanwhile, during one of our group meetings we threw some ideas for names, we knew we wanted a short name that will represent our vision and concept.  Thus, ‘Prototype Scores’ aim to bring media music a new sound, unique format, which had never heard before. We focus heavily on ways to innovate music through combing traditional elements and high-end sound design.


TMV:  How did you become a professional composer?


Basically, we all met around the time of high school/post army. The bonding was immediate since we shared the same musical language and passion for cinematic music. Ever since, each one of us pursued his own  professional musical path, while honing his craft on various levels. Meanwhile, each individual gathered wide range of credits from scoring TV shows to writing for the biggest production houses in the industry. In 2012, our music was featured in a big event in the U.S and during that event a prospective client was asked by the creative director “Where are you from?”  ironically, that guy said he’s from Israel. (Our accent is giving us away J) In response, the creative director told him that he is showcasing music composed by Israeli guys. As a result, that guy Googled us, and what started as a complete coincidence, turned out to be ‘prototype’ collaboration with Opher Israeli the owner of Songs To Your Eyes LTD. From then on we’ve been constantly writing and producing music under one umbrella aka Prototype Scores, and we’re about to complete our fifth album under Opher’s imprint “Demented Sound Mafia”.



TMV:  Are there are any great projects in the offing?


We do indeed. We are very excited about our upcoming album release on Celldweller’s “Fixt” imprint through “Position Music”. The album is comprised of what is known as Trailer Tools for cinema, video game and TV spots. The music is a blend of various styles of Action, Sci-fi, Horror all mixed with heavy sound design and real recordings. We aimed to bring a new approach, a futuristic one if you want.


In addition, our collaboration with Dos Brains is released under the name  of “Dark Territory”. The following contains two albums. First, “Dark Matter” a futuristic Action/Sci-Fi elements with high energy music combined with industrial characteristic. We are really looking forward for that one!  Second, “Attack” is our power percussion album, mainly focused to be used for epic action trailers.

Here you can find some more details about Dos Brains.


Last but not least, our partnership with Songs To Your Eyes LTD under the imprint “Demented Sound Mafia” growing continuously. We are now in final stages of producing our 5th album. Which will cover a wide range horror music for trailers. In this album we were looking for new ways to create maximum emotional impact while maintain the eerie and horror atmosphere.

For more details on Songs To Your Eyes LTD and our Demented Sound Mafia imprint please visit:


TMV: Additional comments?


Even though we can’t say much, it is worth mentioning that a collaboration with Ubisoft is on the dock on a major video game which is still under development. Simultaneously, we are working meticulously developing Prototype’s exclusive catalogue. We’re about to complete three albums packed with industrial and epic action elements.


We welcome everyone to follow us on Facebook, Tweeter and through our website. Stay tuned for more news, videos and new music. We’d like to thank Trailer Music Vibe for their kind support.

Cheers, ‘Prototype Scores’ crew.





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