Interview with Marian Wagner

   Marian Wagner is a 21 year old composer who was born and lives in Berlin, Germany. He began to compose music when he was fourteen years old all on his own. The first instrument that he began to learn  was the piano. From there, he went on to play the drums. His experience in that area came from the fact the he plays and composes in a symphonic-metal bond called “Rainborn”. Wagner loves film music and metal music with a passion.

He was more than willing to interview with TMV in this regard and I present to you now the following interview.


TMV: How did you become a composer?

Wagner: I really enjoy film music and I was always a very music addicted guy. By searching for music on the internet I noticed, that there are many people who do independent music all on their own in all kind of genres. So I looked further into it and found, that there are also people doing filmmusic by themself , from this moment I couldn’t wait to start my own project. I opened a YouTube channel which was called darkbreezeTMD (it’s closed already) named after my first band and just started composing my first songs by using computer software. After the first song was done I directly uploaded it on youtube (the background of the video was just a self painted picture). I got like a few hundred views and many comments which made me do another song and the next one was better and more people commented and liked my music so I produced more and more and I got into that little community of unknown composers on YouTube. I did this for like 3 years, but I was never satisfied with my work. After this 3 years I took a long break from the composing and worked hard with my symphonic-metal band “Rainborn” which was founded in september 2009. I have always worked a little bit on new songs but never finished anything because nothing was good enought for me. It took me 3 years to start again with composing serious music, in december 2012 I began with the project MW Score. I finished 10 scores in one month and I think now it’s time to create something big out of it.

TMV: What are you most excited about?

Wagner: The most excited thing for me is always the feedback which I get from the audience, for now it was 99.9% positive and I am very happy about this. When starting the project MW Score I haven’t thought about how fast it will grow and it’s pretty amazing how much support I get from all the fans who have never heard anything of me before. I really appreciate this and it gives me motivation to continue on my way.

TMV: Can we expect a CD of you in the future?

Wagner: Definitely yes, there will be an album in 2013.

TMV: Any closing comments?

Wagner: Reading all the nice comments and messages I get makes me think, that the hard work has paid out already.

TMV wants to thank Wagner for doing this interview. You can also follow him on YouTube and on Facebook. If you are in need of having Wagner score music for your project, don’t be afraid to send him an email at


May the epic spirit be with you.

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