Interview with ‘Kokenovem’ (Novem Music)

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This interview is an old one, it was made by me with Kokenovem in the beginning of 2011. But I thought, why shouldn’t I share it with you?
The composer of ‘Kokenovem’ is called  Fran Núñez Gómez, 20 years old, and he is a young composer of  trailer music. He is very new in the branche, begun summer last year (2010) with his first track and he already published three albums (“Fons Vitae”, “Ancient Kingdoms” and “Bushido”). His private life is relative normal, he has a brother and also a girlfriend (he also composed/made a track only for her, called “Princess”).
First of all, how are you?
– I’m fine! Thanks.
Some weeks ago you made your first album – Fons Vitae -. Can you tell us something about it? How did you make it? How long took the whole album? What was your inspiration?
– Well, I started last summer to make the album.
The first track I composed was ‘Temple of Water’ and later, the next track was ‘Lake Memories’. From there I started saving money to buy a midi keyboard and when I got it everything was easier. I found inspiration on everything related to water. The album cover was of the first things I created and inspired me.
At the end of January 2011 I finished the album and put on sale on February to recover some money from the investment.
The programs I have been using are those known FL Studio, East West, and some loops (such as drums, female vocals …)
Correct me if I am wrong, but the second album was a collaboration with AudioGrave, right? Tell us something about the work with Daniel Yount. Where did you know him? And how did it come that you two decided to produce an album together?
– Yes, you’re wrong, hahaha. My second album is ‘Ancient Kingdoms’. The album that I made with Audiograve is the third ‘Novus Initium’.
We met through facebook; I heard some of his songs and he some of mine, as we two are young and needed to promote ourselves, we decided it would be a good idea to compose an album together.
There is no official date for the release of the album yet, but I assure you that is nearing completion.
The name of your label is Kokenovem. Tell us…what made you chose this name? Does it has a special meaning for you?
– Kokenovem is a composition of two words. Koke and ‘Novem’. Koke is my nickname, since I was a child, everybody calls me by that name, but my real name is ‘Francisco José’. Novem means ‘nine’ in Latin. I like the number nine, is my favorite and my lucky number. It is not the perfection, as ten, but it is near it. I decided to combine my name and my favorite number, resulting Kokenovem.
Do you plan in future producing high-quality tracks with an orchestra?
– Maybe, who knows the future? hahaha. It would be fantastic.
Who are your idols? Do you only listen to film and trailer music or also to some other stuff?
– My idols? I have a lot of them, but Hans Zimmer and Thomas Bergersen are the best. Yes I know that it is very typical, but I fell in love with their music when they weren’t so famous. Other composers are Jo Blankenburg, Nick Phoenix, Alex Dimitrijevic, and many other composers I won’t name, because the list would be so extensive! They are a big inspiration for all of us.
And the second question: Trailer and soundtrack music is the biggest part of my tracklist, but I also love Safri Duo (electronic/ambiental), Coldplay (pop/rock), Sigur Ròs, Medieval Music…
Trailer music is not so famous yet, I guess. How did you came to trailer music – and what was the first track you heard?
– I started listening to this genre for 4 years. I think the first song I heard, consciously (and not in a movie trailer) was by Immediate Music and from the album Epicon by Globus.
Do you have particular knowledge about music? Means…do you play any instrument, if so, what and how long do you play it?
– No. I don’t know anything about music (well, I know a little but not much) and I don’t play any instrument hahaha.
Fans always want physical CD, but since this time you just offererd your track e.g. on iTunes. Is there hope that we can someone expect a CD from you?
– At the moment no. But in the future, if the fans want, I can made a ‘the best of Kokenovem’ album. I’m not a professional composer and I think I must to put my tracks free for the before reason.
What tips can you give to a newcomer? For what do they have pay attention? What are the most mistakes new composers can do? Just tell us your experiences!
– Well, I’m a new composer and I haven’t a lot of experience. I think the most important thing you need is patience and perseverance. I have been blocked sometimes and I have abandoned some projects, but later I have took up again them.
Thank you for your time! 
When you want to check out more about Kokenovem, please go to his SoundCloud, YouTube and Facebook page, listed below!;

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