Interview with Johanna Lusch

A new interwiev with a fellow trailer music fan called Johanna Lusch from Germany. A nice talk about why public releases are dispensable, dubstep won’t replace orchestral pieces, and trailer music never will become mainstream. 

TMV: Hello Johanna, how are you today?
Johanna Lusch: Thanks, I’m feeling great today. I was excited all day to do that interview.
The first question which we are all interested in: how did you find trailer music?
Yes, this was really an accident. I have to admit, that I never was a fan of pop music which can be heard all the day on radio. But I was listening to this music for many years, because I didn’t find an alternative. I thought that was the only excisting music. About one year ago I found the cover of ‘Power of Darkness’ by Two Steps From Hell. I never heard anything of Two Steps From Hell, therefore I wanted to try them out. The very first track I listend was ‘Fire Nation’. Wow. It was love at first tune. I wanted to hear more of this music and with every new piece I was sure, this is the only true music for me.
So, would you say that Two Steps From Hell is your favorite company?
Well, that I can’t really say. Two Steps From Hell was the beginning of trailer music for me and Thomas and Nick did compose some really fantastic tracks. But there are also many other composers who composed some incredible tracks. But it’s true, most of my favorite tracks are by Two Steps From Hell.
Which other composers do you like? And why?
Every composer produced at least one track where I get goose bumps. Besides Thomas Bergersen I also like Erik Ekholm, Frederik Wiedemann, Robert L. Bennett and Koen van Barneveld. But I have to admit that I don’t know who are the composers of some of my favorite tracks. Especially on YouTube the composers won’t be named and I can only guess who actually composed it. 
Erik Ekholm and Thomas Bergersen; these are two different worlds. While Ekholm focuses more on hybrid and rock elements, Bergersen trusts orchestral and many different ethnic vocals. Which kind of music do you prefer more? 
The most important for me is that a piece has this special 10 seconds which provokes goose bumps in me. If this is now orchestral or hybrid doesn’t really matter. At the moment I like more hybrid because it has some interesting elements which are missing in only orchestral pieces. But this doesn’t mean that orchestral tracks don’t have varieties. As I said, the special 10 seconds are important. 
Are you also a fan of Dubstep then? More and more companies trust into dubstep-elements, also different orchestral piece are beeing remixed, liked ‘Guardians at the Gate’ by audiomachine. This dubstep-mix is really controversial to the fans. What do you think?
Oh, propably many fans are going to kill me now, but there are a few dubstep tracks which I totally like, just because they are different to normal tracks. But in case of ‘Guardians at the Gate’, I really prefer the original version, which is more beautiful. But I guess that many fans are worried about the future of trailer music. I think trying out new features like the dubstep-elements are nice extra features, but it will not become accepted. The old orchestral pieces create an atmosphere which you can never reach with dubstep, in my opinion.
Where trailer music is, film soundtracks are not far away. Are you also a fan of traditional film music?
To be honest, no. For me, film music is too boring. The reason why I enjoy listening to trailer music is that there is an enormous amount of drama in a short lapse of time. When the pieces are shorter, it’s much better in general. If I listen to trailer music, I have the feeling to reach every goal. Like the motto: “Dig a hole to China? No Problem, let’s get started!”. I don’t have these feelings with traditional film music.
Well, then you must be a big fan of the tracks by Pfeifer Broz. Music Inc, who specialized in very fast and extreme dramatic tracks. Do you know them?
No, I never heard of them. But thanks for the tip, maybe this will be the discovery of my life (editor’s note: I was giving her a link to the track ‘Argonaut Attack’ by Pfeifer Broz., and she totally fell in love.)
What do you think about public releases? Do you like it that some companies selling their albums?
I don’t really care about public releases. Maybe it’s good for some composer, that they earn some extra money, but I personally never bought a single album yet. Of those compilation are often only one or two tracks which I like to listen to, the rest is not that good in my opinion. Maybe I will make an exception with ‘Skyworld’ by Two Steps From Hell, I do really like the preview.
But the question is – are public releases good for the fans? The trailer music community is a place where nerds are coming together to enjoy this kind of music. Now trailer music is going to be more mainstream. Do you think, this is a good step to present trailer music the audience, or should it stay as a genre for nerds?  
You are right. But I don’t really care about it. Due to my experiences, it is harder to make people love this music as it looks like. What we fans totally love, most of our environment don’t realize. I often tried to show my family and friends trailer music. Even if I always answer the question “what kind of music do you listen to” with “trailer music”, no one really wanna know what it actually is. Sometimes they want to check out my mp3-player, but that’s it. When they listen to my favorite tracks they often called me a freak. But that’s totally okay. Trailer music is something for me alone, which give me a break from my environment. Why do we fans listen to this music? Because we feel something when we listen to it. Because we dislike pop and hiphop. The group of nerds loving trailer music will get more and more fans, but it will never become mainstream in my opinion. Therefore I am not afraid of public release, they are just dispensable. 
Although Two Steps From Hell was in the top 5 list of iTunes for many months with ‘Invincible’, most of the newcomers only associate Two Steps From Hell with trailer music. Deserved? Or too much, because many unknown, also very talented composers will not be recognized?
Even I thought many months that only Two Steps From Hell produce such music. It’s no sin when some big production music companies try to make their music more mainstream. But then there is the trailer music, which everyone is listenting to, and on the other hand the trailer music for us nerds, which will stay unknown. I think there will be always composers who define their composition as art, not as consumer good.
After all the chorus of praise, let’s be honest, are there some piece you dislike, or really hate?
There are for sue some tracks which I don’t really like. Too boring. Annoying elements. Too long-winded. Of 10 tracks, there’s only one I really like. But I don’t hate a single piece. It will be something else if I have to listen to trailer music every day on radio, then I will hate it after a few shows. The only bad piece I know is Thomas Bergersen’s ‘My Freedom”. It’s all a matter of taste. Some people love it, some don’t. I don’t like it. 
But it’s great that you are askance to trailer music, and that you are not loving every single piece immediately.
How do you think trailer music will develop in a few years? Are we going to buy CD’s of Two Steps From Hell in a store in a few years?
It could be possible. It’s not that I don’t grant composers this big success. But when you can buy all their stuff in stores then, you can’t anymore talk about trailer music. You have to recollect to the original intentions of this music. I have no idea with which criteria the trailer music houses search the trailer music. But when this music is going to be totally mainstream, it is nothing special anymore when you listen to it in a big trailer.
Therefore companies like X-Ray Dog Music Inc, Boomerang! Music and JW Media Music are totally against any public presentation, they don’t even tolerate YouTube uploads. Do you want to say some conclusive words to our fans and readers? 
Well, what I want to say is not only for fans of trailer music, but to everyone. It doesn’t matter which music you‘re listening to, if it’s trailer music or pop music. Listen to that, what you really like. Don’t become a fellow-runner, do what you want, not what everyone wants. 
Then… thank you very much for taking the time for us!
My pleasure, I really enjoyed it.

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