Interview with ‘Jannik Schmidt’

Jannik Schmidt

Jannik Schmidt is a talented young composer and the founder of a new trailer music company known as Nature Shock Music. They will be releasing future CDs for the new volume in the not to far future! I had a chance to speak with the maestro and here’s what he had to say.

How did you get into epic music?

I was inspired by orchestra.Today it’s the right music for me. I hate stuff like Hip-Hop or rap (without Eminem, he’s great)! Since in the kindergarten, I was music inspired. I played on the windows like drums or tried to play the guitar. Some years later I got a keyboard but it was for the first time boring and forgot it. A few years later I got a drumset and played it a lot! Before the real drumset I got a electric one, but it was broken any time so my parents bought me a real one (I still got it). 
             My parents were suprised and recorded me with their handy how I was playing. They thought I was very good but I never took lessons. Then one day came my brother in my room and means we should play a melody on my keyboard. We tried it and had so much fun that never ended! I played it the all day long! 
            The first song I ever played and tried to learn was “Requiem For a Dream – Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell”;  then I tried to make my own melodies and started with electronic sounds like house or techno.
    But I saw it’s not my music still. After that I saw a trailer of Pirates Of Caribbean 2. I loved the music so much!
It was the track “Epicon by Immediate Music”. I searched this track for days but I never found it. But one day I saw it as a comment under the video and then I heard only the music from Immediate Music.Later I found companies like Two Steps From Hell or Future World Music.
So I’ll get music programs but they weren’t good so I saved enough money and get a big high quality library and began to make Trailer Music til today. Then I made a own music company called: Nature Shock Music and get more and more feedback and offers. Yeah, it’s crazy when I think how it begins.

 Do you have particular sources of inspiration?

  Yes, definitely! My feelings, other people or try to imagine a little story in the music.
For example in one of my tracks like “Hell vs. Heaven” I was inspired from a dream I got.
In the beginning with the cello I had the imagination the creatures and angels prepare for the big battle.
    When the choir begins to sing they’re running together in the battle and with the big strings after that they’re fighting. This one was an exception. Sometimes I play the keyboard and think what about a melody like this or this and try somethink. Sometimes I build a complete melody and when I like it, I make a full song.

 Do you have any plans for the future regarding epic music?

Yes. At the moment I go to the school but after that I wanna try to visit a musicschool. I want to work as a real composer for a big company, that’s definetly my big dream job! But at the moment I don’t have a plan.
I will always making music and planing new albums! 

Do you have any comments for your fans?

Yeah. A big thanks to all my fans they’re support me or write me feedback!
I never grown up with my music without you! In a few weeks I will announce something new of Nature Shock Music! Stay tuned!

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