Interview with SanchezMyrick

Meet a great fan of trailer music who goes by the  YouTube alias SanchezMyrick. He was kind enough to allow TMV to interview him. So here it is.

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TrailerMusicVibe  How did you find out or get involved in epic film music?
Well, it was actually an accident. I was watching some videos on YouTube, when suddenly a wild video appeared with Stick Figure Animations. And in it the uploader used a Immediate music track called ‘Blasphemy 2.0’… so, this actually was my very first trailer music track I ever heard. And since that day, it was a July in 2010, I was searching around for many other tracks on YouTube. In the year 2011 I learnt Two Steps From Hell, audiomachine and tons of other companies and I got more and more tracks. But now I got my music not from YouTube, but from somewhere else. From a place in the paradise. I also started to upload tracks on YouTube, but I am done now with my old account, until I made a restart on August 2011 with a complete new account – and it’s still running. I am not that succesfull, but well… it’s fun.

TrailerMusicVibe Do you have particular sources of inspiration?
The music is one of my important sources. I am also writing short stories and screenplays, and in those cases the music really helps me to motivate and imagine the ideas I need. It’s a real great music and I am very happy that I discovered it accidentally. Thanks, Stick Figure Animation, lol.

TrailerMusicVibe Do you have any plans for the future regarding epic music?
The trailer music branch is growing and growing. Many companies started to sell their music for the public, others like Globus are doing even live concerts now. This kind of music is getting popular in a very fast way, and it is just wonderful how this all expanding. For the future I hope that this music gets more attention and I also hope that we, the fans, are get more chances to see some companies live. This music just got that successful because of their fans.

TrailerMusicVibe What’s your favorite trailer music song?
Well, my absolutely favorite track of all time is still ‘Final Dissension’ by David Travis Edwards (published on ‘Volume 3 – Backlash’ via Red Arc Music/Fringe element Trailer Series). But I also have some other tracks which I totally like, like ‘To Glory’ by Two Steps From Hell, ‘An Unfinished Life’ by audiomachine (which is my favorite trailer music company no. 1 btw),  and also the works by Christopher Haigh, which is also one of my favorite composers.

TrailerMusicVibe Do you have any other comments?
Enjoy this music, feel free to introduce it to your friends and families. I didn’t had the chance, because all my friends and families dislike this kind of music, so I am actually forever alone with it. Take this chance, more and more people should know, which music is playing in the background during a movie trailer. It’s worth it.
Thanks again!

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