Interview with a German Trailer Music Fan: Tim Keller!

Everyone has it own little story how he lives and experience trailer music. I was asking a fellow German trailer music fan who lives in the south of Germany. If you want to get in contact with him, scroll down at the very end, there I posted his Facebook- and YouTube page. 
The interview was made in Germany, therefore I had to translate it in English. I didn’t change his words or opinions. Let’s get started:

What do you think at first when you hear the term “Trailer Music”?
First of all I think of all of the tracks which I know and the amazing feeling, when I listen to them.
How did you find this kind of music?
I was visiting a “language camp” in Los Angeles, it was a Saturday and I really was in bad mood. In the bus which was driving me and my group through the city I was hearing a track, which someone played via his mobile phone. It was dark, dramatic and was going to be more powerful, directly I fell in love with this track. Months later I was playing “Counter Strike” on the PC and someone playing this track as “music spam”, I was asking him about the track. It was “Requiem For A Tower “. But the track, which brought me to trailer music, was “Revolutionary Mix I” by X-Ray Dog Music Inc, which was used in the “RTL Crime” trailer.
“Requiem For A Tower” is one of the candidates which was affiliated ambivalent in the trailer music branch. The one side is the biggest fans of it while the other hand say that this track is just “over-used”. What do you think?
Both are correct; this track is more often in use than other trailer music tracks. But I think that this track deserves its attention. Most people don’t know other trailer music; therefore other tracks aren’t as often in use, even if they might fit more in the video or project. The music in radio also is continued in play, it’s also always the same songs. But we don’t know this from trailer music that you only listen to one track all the time. For me, this track is awesome and it’s definitely one of my favorites.
Interesting, would you say it is also your favorite number one? Or is there some other track yet?
I don’t have a number one. By now I know too much music. If I should chose we have to pick up the favorite tracks by each company. Therefore I would call “Lachrimae” and “Legions of Doom” by audiomachine, “Cyberworld”, “Burning Religion” and “Revolutionary” by X-Ray Dog Music Inc. and “World on a String”, “Darkness on the Edge of Power” as well as “Fatum Plebis” by Immediate Music and all the other fantastic tracks by the other companies as my favorites. I can’t do a Top 10 List. But there’s one track which I would call one of the best tracks; “Louder than Words” (both versions” by Les Friction.
In fact, it is hard to choose a favorite track with so many great tracks. Talking about Les Friction; they produce tracks like Globus which combines trailer music style with some parts of Pop. How do you like this mix? May this kind of music be more attractive for mainstream listeners?
I think it is definitely more normal than real trailer music. I think for many people the choir may be really strange because you can’t imagine a face which is singing at the moment. With mainstream music you always have a face for identification, doesn’t matter if Katy Perry or Justin Bieber – even Nicky Minaj has something like a face. Everyone who knows them imagine them when you are talking about this kind of music. But how you can imagine the Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir or the Angeles Chorale? Therefore I think that epic music with a dominant voice is better to market.
But I find a voice like “Paint” or Lisbeth Scott or somebody else really nice. At least when the track doesn’t lose his orchestral roots. A voice can give a track an extra depth.
Do you were also a fan of Katy Perry and Co. before you discovered trailer music? Or did your taste in music always tend for film music?
Before trailer music I didn’t listen to any music. But film music was about the same time, end of 2008; this was the time where I found trailer music.
Whole life without any music? But this is really an exception. No fan of discos as well?
Today I couldn’t live again without my music, but earlier I didn’t need music to hear. I don’t go to disco, that’s true. I have to say I don’t like electronic music. I mean this overacting bass beats and especially the wobble-bass in many dubstep tracks. I love melodic electronic sounds, this can be very positive for a track, but I get headache of bass beats. But I want to produce electronic music by myself, because it’s really interesting for me. I bought the FL Studio and when I am into this program, I also want to produce something like epic music – but it’s still a long way.
So you also want to compose trailer music? In the last time, many young people started to compose. Is there someone who is really talented in your views or do you think, that it is not good that every newcomer immediately produce whole albums, shortly he or she have the needed programs?
I like what I heard from Novem Music, Epic Soul Factory, Nature Shock Music and Co. Because I am not good with these programs I am not in the position to criticize them. I think that the young composers often compose better tracks then the professionals. I often hear the typical standard-tracks with hard drums, little bit melody and a choir which sounds exactly like the choir of many other tracks. These tracks are not bad, but you don’t keep them in mind. And especially Valentin Wiest, Sycross and Thomas-Adam Habuda created great styles as they hallmark which some “real” trailer music tracks don’t have.
The composer behind Sycross Music, Ray Li, made it so far that one of his tracks was remixed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic for his trailer music company Teddy Bear Music. Isn’t this the biggest honour for a newcomer?
Yes, that’s great, Ray really deserves it. And who knows, maybe more tracks by young composer will be covered or even used in a trailer or TV spot.
Talking about film music again. You mentioned that you discovered film music at the same time like trailer music. Do you have a favorite film music composer? Or maybe you know some insider tip for our readers?
I have to say I don’t have a real insider tip; Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell, Klaus Badelt, Steve Jablonsky, John Williams and James Newton Howard are for sure my favorite ones. But I think my personally film soundtrack is by the Matrix Trilogy. Rob Dougan, Juno Reactor and Don Davis made a really fantastic job with producing a distinctive score.
That’s true, the soundtrack from Matrix really is great. Where Hans Zimmer is, Two Steps From Hell isn’t far away. The company by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix went amazingly successful the last weeks and months, especially on Facebook. How would you explain this enormous success of Two Steps From Hell, which is at the time much more known as insider music. Why do outsiders mostly associate Two Steps From Hell with trailer music?
Every trailer music production company has its own specific style. Epic Score has an exaggerating and playful orchestra, which is really fast and loud. It’s the same with the Pfeifer Brothers, loud aggressive, but both has their own fineness that you still can differ them. Both are amazing. Two Steps From Hell and Future World Music are really melodic. Especially Two Steps From Hell has a distinctive style. The tracks are harmonic and not t hyped up, like Epic Score where you always think the world will be destroyed by aliens. And because the tracks by Two Steps From Hell are the most used ones in television (besides X-Ray Dog Music Inc.), many people will find their music while searching of it on the Internet, mostly ‘Heart of Courage’ and ‘Protectors of the Earth’.
Perhaps we also owe the success to the uploaders, who made trailer music public for the first time., or?
Definitely, without the old account of xDarkLegacyx2, Wesker109, and all the other suspended channels like KACSKA16, MusicHealsUrSould and TrailerXMusic this kind of music never went that successful. I think it is also the will of the fans to make this music more popular.
Today there are many, many Uploaders on YouTube, many tracks are already more than 10times on YouTube, but not many do know this, but you also tried to become successful on YouTube, if you can say so. Why did you choose the way to upload trailer music by yourself?
It is also my will to make the music more popular. Even if I don’t have that many subscribers, I am also happy about any positive comment. It was never my goal to get that successful like Jennyni200 or xDarkLegacyx2. I openly stand by this music; when I got asked I show the people the tracks and many do like them. This channel is my tribute, that more people pay attention to this kind of music.
That means you already find people who share your passion of trailer music?
My grandfather and my mother do like this music too, my brother listens more to mainstream, but even he found some tracks which he likes. Almost everyone of my friends are Metalheads and only listen to the hardest ones. Nevertheless they like my music, but they never would listen to them. Therefore I almost stand alone with my passions, but I don’t really care.
Definitely sounds better than my situation. I am alone with my passion. Talking about the other side of the coin; are they maybe tracks which you don’t really enjoy or maybe really dislike?
As I already mentioned there are many standard-tracks which almost sound the same, without telling examples now. I don’t really likes remixes. The Dubstep-Remix of ‘Guardians at the Gate’ by audiomachine was horrible, even if many love it. Funnily enough I really like the Remix of ‘Man of Steel’ (by Fired Earth Music, Troels Brunn Folmann, editor’s note.). But talking about originals. I hope that trailer music won’t develop straight to mainstream or hybrid. It’s not that I dislike hybrid-tracks, ‘Torque’ by Music Junkies (public release, available via bandcamp, editor’s note) for example is a great album. But in the last time more and more were coming, starting with ‘Eternity’ by Sonic Symphony to ‘Torque’ to ‘Situ’ by Corner Stone Cues. I think those hybrid tracks sounds almost the same and the typical orchestral tracks have more this powerful identity, therefore I hope that the companies won’t stop working with orchestra at all.
What do you think how trailer music will develop in the future years? It definitely will get more popular. Is that good or bad for this kind of music?
I think it is good when this music gets real fans. I think and hope not, that it will get mainstream. It would be sad when this music will get millions of fans, but no one will appreciate it, just calling it ‘cool music’, which is just existing. Today trailer music has fans who know the backgrounds, the people behind the music, the instruments and the details and they all appreciate it. Pop music is not totally appreciated, they just listen to it, but they don’t realize it. But as I already said, I don’t think that it will reach this level, for that trailer music is totally different.
Imagine a stranger asking you what trailer music is. Which track would you show him as first one – and why?
‘Louder than Words’ (instrumental) will be the best track in my opinion. It combines the special things of this music: it is starting calm and dramatic, it has good hybrid elements, but it is building up with an orchestra which is transforming into a fast, bombastic action-track. This track has a highlight, different sentiments and it also fit perfect in the trailer for ‘Harry Potter’ (‘Louder Than Words’ by Mariposa Lane Music was used in the trailer, not the version on Les Frictions album, editor’s note), that you can feel the power of the track with the pictures which combines the trailer. It is not importunate as well as not boring, that many did hear the music in the trailer, even if they didn’t really pay attention.
Do you want to say some conclusive words to our readers? Especially to new people?  
First of all man greetings to all of you. It is wonderful that this great music combines that many people all over the world to one great community, nevertheless to which religion or political view they belong to. We don’t only listen to this music, we live it. And to all, who don’t know this music that long: It is great that you found the way to trailer music, stay with us and go ahead, it’s definitely worth.

Thank you very much, Tim Keller, for taking the time. 
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