Interview with a fellow Trailer Music Fan: Youssef Benmakhlouf

Youssef Benmakhlouf is like many other people around this world a big fan of trailer music. He currently lives in Casablanca, Morroco and he agreed that we can interview him.
If you want to stay in contact with him, click this link which takes you to his personally facebook account:-
1: What was the first Trailer music track you listend?
Sincerely, I don’t remenber, but I’m sure it was in Rex’s videos(Know as xDarcklegacy 2 on Youtube) that I first got contact with the world of ”trailer music”.But the real track which started with all was 160 bpm by Hans Zimmer from Angel And Demons Ost. The power of the choirs and the orchestra really impressed me. It was in summer 2009, and since that time, I spent most of my time listenning to epic tracks, and searching for new ones.
2: Do you ever was disappointed of a trailer music track?
As a trailer music fan, i feel the obligation to say no, and i would love to do so but it’s not the truth. I mean, there is a lot of tracks that are just noisy strings and choirs without any melody, and that’s really not pleasant to hear.Adding to that, every one has his taste, so what i might not like can be a best of track for another, so we can’t really judge, but i’m sure that the epic music community will share with me the idea that there are some tracks that are really messed up.
3: Do you have a favorite track? 
That’s a difficult one. There are so many tracks that are excellent from so many companies that I can’t choose one, but I think that Black Blade by Thomas Bergersen is the most powerful and epic track made so far.Opinion may differ, and I see many contestation rising among the readers but I really loved and still love and will love forever that track. It has a particular climax with astonishing choirs and an epic femal voice.

                              Black Blade – Two Steps From Hell

4: This mean, Thomas Bergersen is your favorite composer then?
You caught me. I really love Thomas’ work. He makes such great and powerful tracks, and always with a beautiful female voice. Just to name a few: Heart Of Courage, Black Blade, Archanchel, Starfall and so many others. The fact is that when I want to introduce epic music to someone who doesnt know it, I always begin with one of the tracks that I mentionned before, and the result is guarented. That adding to the fact that his personal album, Illusions, has got a big success. So yes, Thomas Bergersen is my favorite composer, and I’m excited about his upcoming work, Two Steps From Heaven.
5: Talking about introduction. Do you often introduce trailer music to other people? If yes, how big is the success? Or are you alone with it? 
I try my best to introduce epic music to the people around me. I tried with my family first, but had no success. When I tried at school, most of them laughed and begun to call me the freak guy. That sort of people genrally listen to pop music, hip hop and all todays music, but I had the chane with some of them(5 I think, 2 boys and 3 girls). They like some tracks, but not listen to them or have them on their iPod. So it’s really a pitty that most of people don’t know epic music and don’t like it, but it seems that with this ”MTV genration” we still have a lot to do to make epic music known in the world. However, Internet has helped me and showed me that I’m not alone with my music. All over the world are many people who are trailer music lovers. Just not in my place. That’s really good. I invite the readers to join our group on facebook ”Whe Who Love Epic Music”. All trailer music junkies are there, so come one and get on board.
6: Well said, MTV-Generation. Besides trailer and film music, do you listen to some music of the MTV-Generation? 
I was. In fact, before summer 2009, I was a part of the MTV generation. Beyonce, David Guetta, Justin Timberlake, I was following all that clows. I was blind, and especialy deaf to apreciate such ugly and commercial music. And talking about that, if you really pay atention to Mtv music, you’ll find that it is repetitive, always talking about the same thing: Drug, sex, love, money. That way, they can monopoliz teenager’s minds and make them spend a lot of money, and at the same time, destroy the musical taste that everyone has. But thank god, I fought the dark side of the Force and here I am, in the brightning and wonderful world of epic music.
7: What do you plan in future? Do you have some projects in mind combined with trailer music? 
Talking about projects, yes I do, I have one. I plan with a friend that i met in the Epic group, Jan Scheureck, to write an epic story. You’ll probably tell me that’s not some really inventive and original idea and I’ll stop you because originality is my second name. The story that we plan to write will be written only with the names of trailer music tracks, and we will make a video of it, the story on the screen and the music used in the story playing in the background. This project is at it’s genesis, because we still dont know how we will do, the details of the story and all other things, but I can assure you that it will be something epic. My dream was to compose epic tracks, but I can’t since I haven’t learned music, so I plan to convert this dream by making an epic story. Stay tunned, more to comme in this summer.
8: Epic story combined with trailer tracks. Also Leighton Williams wrote something with Graeme Boomer-Ens, called The Legend of Pandora. Do you heard about it? 
It’s good that you mentioned that.Yes I read something about it and I must say that I’m a little bit confused with it. I had the idea of making the story a year ago, and asked for help Rex Eternum(xDarkLegacy2), but we both hadnt time at that moment, so I put away the project. It’s a bit strange that we had both the same idea, but hey, if it’s to make epic music known, that’s not a problem. Moreover, it’s a good thing, more and more people will be introduced to epic music, and that’s what we want all, no??
9: Do you still have contact to Rex?
Not since that time.
10: Explain in a few words the magic of trailer music for our beginners out there. 
Its really difficult to put in words what I feel whith epic music. I dont know, it’s too EPIC to be contained in some simple words, but I’ll try: When I listen to epic music, I feel like beeing another one. I forget about all this world and it’s probelms. From the glorious and powerful cues to the emotional ones, all feeling are expressed by this wonderful music. And I assure you, goose bumps(special mention to Jan) are guarented with all the tracks.
11: One important question, which everyone here is interesting in. Many people always wonder where to get this music. Because normally it is not available for us normal people. Do you have the key to heaven?
Well, I begun like all with ripping the music from youtube, and from the publishing sites like beatbpxmds, and 1playkpm, but the quality of the sounds werent good at all, but it was better that nothing. And one day, gods of trailer music thanked me for my loyal services to the epic community and offered me the long awaited keys of heaven.
12: Do you want to say some last words to our readers out there? 
Of course I do: go easy with the headphones when you are listenning to epic music, you could become deaf and loose the opportunity of listennig the wonders of epic music. I’m joking. If there is something I would say: Tell the maximum of people about trailer music. We must make the community grows so the trailer companies see how many we are and to make much more public albums and much more live concert.
Well, folks, that was the interview with Youssef Benmakhlouf. It is always interesting how people react to trailer music, what stories they have and how their feel about it. And now, go out, and spread the power of Trailer Music all over the world.

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